Woody's Round Up (12/6/19) playlist

Scorpions – Rock You Like A Hurricane

Maryan – Like A Dragonfly

Loud N Nasty – Stand Strong

Wheels Of Fire – Scratch That Bitch

First Signal – A Million Miles

Crazy Lixx – Weekend Lover

Alliance – Time

X-Romance – Total Madness

Janet Gardner – A Way To Your Heart

Blitz – Rock City Nights

Motley Crue – Girls Girls Girls

Morano – Face The Fire

Electus – Best Of Me

Restless Spirits – Stop Livin’ To Live Online

Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts – Dare You To Watch

Jimmy Barnes – I Won’t Let You Down

JoanOVarc – Burning

The Brink – Never Again

Barbe-Q-Barbies – Made Of Scars

Rebecca Downes – Screaming Your Name

Ratt – Round and Round

The Roads – Louder Than Loud

Soto – Hypermania

Gloryhammer – Gloryhammer

Striker – On The Run

L7 – Burn Baby

Skin – House Of Love

R.E.M – Losing My Religion

Triumph – Never Say Never

Alice Cooper - Poison