The Palth - 'In Rock We Trust'

(Brotharhood Records)

Do you like Thin Lizzy? Well if you do it’s highly like you’re going to like Swede’s The Palth. Admittedly, while they display a very similar Rock ‘n’ Roll swagger to that of the Irish Classic Rock legends, it’s one that’s far smoother and perhaps more melodious. Think what the Lizzy sound could have evolved into if the Lynott fronted version still existed today with modern production to boot, I think this would be very similar to how Lynott would have grown over the decades, not stuck in the past, but that origin sound still providing the engine room of the songs.

Charlie Honk’s deep melodious vocal adds a rock rawness to the songs much like Lynott did with Lizzy, but his voice is more reminiscent of Joakim Berg of Hardcore Superstar. In fact, I hear a lot of HS amongst these songs especially on the tracks with a punkier edge.

This is energetic no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll, but giving that label to the band doesn’t fully give justice to the musicianship the band display, that term usually indicates a no-frills sound, that’s not true with these guys, they have the rock n roll swagger plus extra goodness. For example, the delicious guitar lick which occurs through out ‘$10,000 Man’ is evidence of the band adding layers and depth to their songs. Not something stereotypical of no frills biker rock, which also expands their musical appeal while retaining that audience.

You can really tell The Palth is a Scandinavian band as there is an emphasis on strong catchy melodies and extra guitar/keyboard hooks in abundance. This is how the Scandi’s do classic rock, it’s still raw and bouncy but with a smooth coating, added layers and extra scoops of melody.

It may seem a short album at just Nine tracks but this only intensifies the impact of the album as it gives you no time to get bored. You get bombarded with energy and it doesn’t let you go until it’s finished having its way with you!

This is rebellious rock ‘n’ roll with its feet in the past and its heart in the now. If you like your rock – you should check ‘In Rock we Trust’ out you’ll go from “Who?” to “Damn, this is good” in a matter of seconds! ‘Dancing on My Own’, ‘Heroes Die Young’ and ‘$10,000 Man’ deserve to be hits!


Essential Track - '$10,000 Man'

Review by Woody


  1. Court
  2. $10,000 Man
  3. Please Baby Please
  4. Dancing On My Own
  5. Heroes Die Young
  6. Bite The Dust
  7. Getaway
  8. Straight To Hell
  9. Believe In The Palth