Stormwitch - 'Bound To The Witch'

(Massacre Records)

‘Bound to the Witch’ is the Eleventh album from German Metal veterans Stormwitch who have been ever-present since the mid-eighties!

I was expecting this album to be far heavier than it is, I think the highly melodic nature of these songs softens some of those metallic edges and that brings the overall impact of the band into the commercial territory of German metal giants Warlock and Doro.

They aren’t doing anything new here but these songs are of the highest quality, very memorable and totally enjoyable nonetheless! It’s not overly heavy making it more commercial and accessible but it is still very powerful with a pounding metal backbone which will appease old school metal fans. Sound wise they are very stereotypical of Eighties German Metal with those big anthemic choruses and are extremely melodic. They are without doubt one off the stronger purveyors of this style of music even if their songs don’t scream originality. The song writing here is of the highest quality and this is a stone cold solid album something I find missing in many bands creating old school metal nowadays. Obviously it probably helps that these guys were there back in the day and have all that experience and feeling of the abundant German metal scene in the Eighties.

I really like Andy Muck’s vocals and he has a great range, he definitely helps the band stand out amongst the crowd. I find a lot of similar bands go for someone who can scream like Rob Halford but can’t hold a melodic note which Muck can!

The guitar work is excellent from the big riffs to the fast-paced guitar shredding, but it’s the intricate guitar licks which really impress me and really pad out the songs to give them a full and powerful feel! It also makes the songs more melodious which really appeals to me own tastes. The smooth production also brings out the best in these songs.

Stormwitch may be a band in the old guard of European metal but with the very impressive ‘Bound To The Witch’ they have proved there is still quality songs yet still to come from these old dogs! If you adore old fashioned metal then you’re going to thoroughly enjoy these metallic anthems which will stand tall in your memory long into the night!


Essential Track - 'Bound To The Witch'

Review by Woody


  1. Songs of Steel
  2. Odin's Raven
  3. The Choir of the Dead
  4. Bound To The Witch
  5. Arya
  6. Stormwitch
  7. Life Is Not A Dream
  8. King George
  9. Ancient Times
  10. The Ghost Of Mansfield Park
  11. Nightingale