Runaway - 'Runaway'

(Prog AOR Records)

I was transported back to my youth as soon as the chorus to album opener ‘Red Haired Woman’ kicked in and the personal nostalgia didn’t let up for the entirety of this album. So many things about these songs and the overall sound makes me think of the nineties underground era of melodic rock which was when I was initially getting into music. I didn’t realise at first but wasn’t surprised when I discovered this unearthed album actually originates from 1998 as it has a feel and sound I strongly associate with that era.

As you’d expect from an underground MR release at that time the production isn’t as shiny as we have become used to nowadays, you have to also factor in this album was only sold at gigs, so like many albums of those times what you get is something that has a good quality demo essence to it.

Even though Runaway were Belgian the songs have an American Melodic Hard Rock style, I’m quite surprised someone like MTM or Escape didn’t pick these guys up back in the day. This overlooked album is well worth checking out now it has finally had a proper release, although it has a retro feel it’s strong vocals, chunky riffs and great melodies will still make it enjoyable for genre fans especially those who remember the dark MR times of the nineties.

It’s not a classic by any means, but it’s still a strong melodic hard rock album, hence my previous surprise they weren’t picked up by one of the underground labels of the time.

Runaway have a sound that was very common in the early nineties so will appeal to anyone who enjoyed the final years of the melodic rock golden era.

Songs like ‘Red Haired Woman’, ‘Hangover’ and ‘My Life As A God’ will be enjoyed and appreciated by fans of Tyketto, Danger Danger and Firehouse. It may be a bit of a nostalgia trip but this curiosity piece is well worth a place in your music collection. Had Runaway got this released back in the day, I’m confident many in underground circles would talk fondly of them and this album, like many other bands that only existed in that era. It’s very of its time but don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a spin!


Essential Track - 'Hang Over'

Review by Woody

Track List

  1. Red Haired Woman
  2. My Life As A God
  3. Darkened Room
  4. Till The End Of Time
  5. Down For The Count
  6. Look At Yourself
  7. 9 to 5
  8. Seventeen
  9. Hang Over
  10. Before I Forget
  11. Dark Ending (Reprise)
  12. Trouble