RebelHot - 'Uncomfortableness'


Italian classic rockers RebelHot create old school classic rock with a strong solid Blues core as opening track ‘How Is Elvis’ will pay testament too with it’s guitar riff that immediately evokes memories of British legends Foghat – a band that that can’t be mentioned without the guitar riff from ‘Slow Ride’ immediately playing in your head – which is I’m sure the exact effect RebelHot are trying to do on the opening track from their latest album ‘Uncomfortableness’.

I do like Rebelhot and I’ve been aware of the band for some time, but this album just lacks that little spark of magic to really grab and excite me. It just feels a little safe and middle of the road and fails to have a meaningful impact whilst essentially been an OK slice of Americanised Classic Rock. ‘Uncomfortableness’ as a whole is a pleasant enough listen for genre fans but it sure isn’t going to set the world alight.

Personally, I struggled to connect or get invested in any of the songs which only lead to me becoming disinterested in repeat listens.

Although I may not have been blown away by the album, I do have to tip my hat to the quality musicianship and the glorious rich earthy vocals of Husty. Both of which contribute to making sure this album is a cut above a lot of other similar bands out there right now even if I wasn’t overly impressed with the songs themselves.

I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but the album plays like a homage to Seventies Americanised Classic Rock. So, if you look at it like that it is a great replication and tribute to a beloved musical genre. It’s full on retro and could easily been mistaken for a seventies record if not for the modern production.

I found the album starts off well but fizzles out as it progresses therefore making the opening salvo of ‘How Is Elvis’ and ‘Hey Mama’ the strongest tracks.

There’s lots of groove driven guitar and earthy vocals which are sure to hit the sweet spot of many within the classic rock fanbase. So, fans of new Classic Rock bands with an old school flavour, like Greta Van Fleet, will probably find enough to enjoy on this good albeit not great album. This is one for fans of Foghat, Humble Pie, Led Zeppelin and The Guess Who.


Essential Track - 'How Is Elvis'

Review by Woody


  1. How Is Elvis
  2. Hey Mama
  3. Wheeler Dealer
  4. High Heels, Hot Wheels
  5. Sunday Morning
  6. Mad Train
  7. Keep On Keepin' On
  8. Love and Divine
  9. Soul Stealer
  10. Stand Up