Rainlight - 'Lost In Time'


The most obvious influence on Canada’s Rainlight is fellow countrymen Rush with many musical inflections evoking connections to them. This also gives many of the songs a Prog leaning but unlike Rush who straddle the Prog / Classic Rock fence, Rainlight definitely come across as a smoother melodic rock band. They are definitely not stereotypical of the Melodic Rock genre either as evidenced in the prog touches in their song writing and structures. The album isn’t retro, but those Eighties influences are very apparent so it’s hard not to find yourself connecting these songs to that era.

I think their style will appeal to fans of Magnum who also sit in similar musical territory, although I’m sure many will struggle to hear that comparison. I mean it more in song writing approach than actual auditory similarity. I think many comparisons will get drowned out as the Rush ones are to the forefront and dramatically more obvious.

‘Lost in Time’ is nowhere as catchy as I usually like in my music but I find it a thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. What it lacks in immediacy it makes up with an abundant display of quality musicianship. Which not only encourages repeat spins but also a deeper appreciation for the individual songs the more time you spend with them.

There is something quintessentially Canadian about Rainlight’s sound and impact that makes it really easy to recommend them to fans of Rush and perhaps even more so to those who like a bit of Triumph! Whom I actually prefer.

I found Steeve Poirier’s guitar work really captivating and Alex Lifeson (Rush) is definitely a big influence on his playing style. Providing plenty of melodic licks alongside enchanting technical work. I found a lot his guitar riffs really drew me deeper into the songs and on a few tracks intensifying the ethereal vibe the band sometimes creates.

I’d say the album as a whole is strong but for highlights to check out, I’d suggest ‘Howling’, ‘You’ll Never Know’ and ‘Time Can Wait’.

I can highly recommend ‘Lost in Time’ to fans of melodic rock in general but push up that recommendation a notch if your tastes also include ethereal music and Prog. I found this debut album from Rainlight a nice little Indie discovery and I feel that it is well worth any true music fan devoting some time to.


Essential Track - 'You'll Never Know'

Review by Woody

Track List

  1. Field Of Souls
  2. Rain Soldier
  3. Why So Serious?
  4. Howling
  5. Since You've Been Gone
  6. Tonight
  7. Time Can't Wait
  8. Spiders
  9. You'll Never Know
  10. Under Your Spell
  11. Whispering Words