Night Demon - 'Live Darkness'


They may only have a few albums under their belt so far but given their popularity live Californian NWOBHM monsters Night Demon have recorded a double live album. Recorded on December 2nd 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio in front of a packed audience of friends and fans in a place the band regard as their second home.

Live albums very rarely capture the true live experience of actually been there, but ‘Live Darkness’ does its best to capture the band in the live arena. It’s definitely far less clean cut than a lot of live albums I’ve heard over recent years, with crowd noise audible and not just in between songs.

Live albums are very hit and miss and I must admit I tend to give them a wide berth unless it’s a band I’m a super fan boy of. This is definitely one of the better ones, fans of the band will be ecstatic and play the hell out of this album. Also given the band’s unabashed old school NWOBHM style this will also excite NWOBHM fans in general especially those who think Iron Maiden are the dogs nuts! It’s very raw and energetic and it’s clear this band can tear it up onstage and deliver a stellar live show.

Given that Night Demon are only a three piece it astounds me how they can create such a wall of noise, obviously on recorded albums this is easy to do but then recreating it live is mind boggling and testament to the talent of these three musicians.

Night Demon don’t hide their musical influences and they try to emulate Iron Maiden in so many ways. Obviously musically but also in the live arena and Maiden’s ‘Live After Death’ is regarded by many as a classic and with ‘Live Darkness’ Night Demon do their best to emulate the success of the heroes. Night Demon even have their very own mascot ‘Rocky’ who joins them onstage – sound familiar?

Although the Iron Maiden comparisons are obvious it doesn’t detract from the talent of the band, the quality of their songs or the excitement they can create live as showcased throughout this double album.

‘Live Darkness’ is a balls to the wall full throttle metal show which takes no prisoners, if you’re a fan of the band you’ll be closing your eyes and pretending your there, fist raised!


Review by Woody

Track List

  1. Welcome To The Night
  2. Full Speed Ahead
  3. Ritual
  4. Curse Of The Damned
  5. Dawn Rider
  6. Save Me Now
  7. Hallowed Ground
  8. Maiden Hell
  9. Mastermind
  10. On Your Own
  11. Life On The Run
  12. The Howling Man
  13. Black Widow
  14. Ancient Evil
  15. Satan
  16. Evil Like A Knife
  17. Stranger In The Room
  18. Screams In The Night
  19. Flight Of The Manticore
  20. The Chalice
  21. Darkness Remains
  22. Heavy Metal Heat
  23. Night Demon