M&R Rush - 'Between The Lines'

(Ready Records)

‘Between The Lines’ is the sixth album from Chicago’s traditional melodic rock outfit M&R Rush and it even features a track penned by AOR song writing legend Jim Peterik! If you like soft rock bands from the late seventies and early eighties, then M&R Rush may interest you as they have a similar sound and exhibit influences from bands of that era.

Whilst I don’t wish to be overly negative as it is an album created with obvious enthusiasm and passion, the album does come across as amateurish and production wise it sounds like good quality demos. It does come across as a bunch of mates writing in their garage and performing for the love of it and in many ways, it lacks that professional edge. That doesn’t make the songs bad, just how the album comes across on the whole.

The songs are OK, M&R Rush create gentle, harmless melodic rock that I’m sure genre fanboys will appreciate even if it doesn’t set them on fire. It’s one of those albums which have a few good songs which tickle your fancy and a few poor ones that put a dampener on things.

M&R Rush display a lot of Beatles influences in their song writing especially in the vocals but they have a far stronger and beefier guitar presence. There are a few tunes which are quite quirky and psychedelic which only highlights those Beatles influences even more. The quirkier tracks lose my interest and I veer more towards the straight-laced melodic rock songs on the album. It does add variety to the mix though and depending on your own personal tastes it may be a good thing.

The Jim Peterik song ‘Reckless Love’ will obviously peek the interest of fans of the song writing guru and it’s an ok song, nothing spectacular but it is one of the stronger tracks on the album. ‘Find A Way’ is also one of the highlights and of all the songs on the album made the biggest impression on me with a memorable guitar riff and a flow that does get the song stuck in your head.

M&R Rush are never going to set the world alight but ‘Between The Lines’ is enjoyable for what it is and worth a casual looksee for fans of early melodic rock.


Essential Track - 'Find A Way'

Review by Woody


  1. Between The Lines
  2. Find A Way
  3. Reckless Love
  4. Bring Some Love
  5. In The Darkness Of Night
  6. Time Of Your Life
  7. I Believe
  8. When Melvin Drives The Bus
  9. Sky
  10. Someday
  11. Never Been Any Reason