Magical Heart - 'Another Wonderland'

(Fastball Records)

You’ll instantly know that Magical Heart hail from Germany, their sound is very akin to other German Melodic Hard Rock bands. That strong guitar presence you expect from bands like the Scorpions and Bonfire is ever present though out ‘Another Wonderland’. It’s hard to believe this is the debut album from them too as it has such a defined and confident sound.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Christian Urner’s vocals but his style is perfect for this style of rock, much like Bonfire’s Claus Lessmann and Klaus Meine of the Scorpions. Regardless of my own personal vocal tastes his performance throughout the album is impeccable and can’t be knocked.

The guitar work is stunning, there is some truly superb stuff on here delivered by guitarist Gernot Kroiss, for me the guitars are where the magic of the album comes from! You’ve got all sorts going on from melodic riffs, to chunky power chords and delightful intricate guitar licks. He is a fantastic guitarist who displays his range frequently making the album quite varied but all the while retaining a defined and clear sound at the same time.

There is something ethereal about the sound of ‘Another Wonderland’ on the whole, the themes of magic and otherworldliness seem to match the band’s sonic vision. This makes Magical Heart a little bit different from similar melodic hard rock acts, giving me as a listener something off the beaten track to enjoy, while easily keeping things within my taste bracket.

Lyrical these guys are winning no awards, but I do have to applaud their song writing because the number of hooks they throw into the mix is outstanding, many of them are very subtle so it doesn’t feel like you’re been smacked in the face, more like swept up in the waves of their music! Every Song has something that will draw you in or have you appreciating it.

This album is not full of radio friendly choruses, but it is an instantly enjoyable album that will dig it’s hooks in deep into melodic rock aficionados.

‘Another Wonderland’ is a solid overall album which should appease your general melodic rocker but given its hard edge and prominent guitar work I can see this appealing to those with heavier musical tastes. Well worth giving a spin if you like your Melodic Rock to have some bite!


Essential Track - 'Magic'

Review by Woody


  1. Dream No More
  2. Silence and Dreams
  3. Another Wonderland
  4. Magic
  5. Ocean
  6. See The Light
  7. Shadows
  8. We Are Not Lost
  9. Time Will Come
  10. Fire On Earth