Daniel Trigger - 'Right Turn'

(Melodic Rock Records)

I’ve been following Midlands based musician Daniel Trigger for some time now, although this experienced song writer has been around much longer than that. I’ve always appreciated Trigger’s song writing as it usually, regardless of overall style, has a melodic rock foundation. His previous three solo albums have seen him push into heavy rock territory with slight modern rock touches but his latest album ‘Right Turn’ sees him do just that!

This album marks a change in musical direction if you’re aware of Trigger’s recent output, but not totally, he is just fully embracing the melodic rock core that sits at the heart of the vast majority of his song writing.

This is without doubt my favourite body of work from Trigger, this isn’t knocking his previous work, it’s all about style and this album is very much closer to my own personal music tastes and sensibilities than he has produced before. Trigger has produced a solid anthemic soft rock album that I thoroughly enjoy and it will also by enjoyed by my fellow melodic rockers.

Trigger has a great ear for creating commercial songs, his songs are full of unforgettable melodies, hooks and big sing along choruses. These songs are well crafted with lots of exemplary guitar work and lots of layers, hooks and an overall feel good tone, this album is ripe for a summer’s day. Lyrically I noticed a nostalgic and retrospective theme running throughout, his thoughtful and emotive lyrics are easy to relate to.

The song quality really is sublime and with every listen I know this album will have longevity and I will return to it time and again.

Trigger employs a lot of acoustic guitar which seems to give these songs a lot of life and freshness which makes these songs really stick with me.

There is a Nineties era Bon Jovi feel to some of the songs, but I would say this is more inspired by the golden era of Melodic Rock in general than influenced. This feel good, dance along, singalong album should be appreciated by fans of Bon Jovi, Richard Marx, John Waite and Bryan Adams.

‘Right Turn’ gives us anthem after anthem of melodic rock goodness it’s one of the stand out melodic rock releases of the year! Don’t let this one pass you by, trust me you won’t be disappointed.


Essential Track - 'Hold Back The Night'

Review by Woody

Track List

  1. Patience
  2. Days Gone By
  3. Drive
  4. Running Into The Wind
  5. Hold Back The Night
  6. Heavy Heart
  7. Alive
  8. There In Your Heart
  9. Rock N Roll Party
  10. Wheels In Motion