Chasing Dragons - 'Faction'


‘Faction’ the debut album from Chasing Dragons has been a long time coming from this UK female fronted alt rock band. It even features a couple of tracks established fans will be aware of from EP releases since the bands inception. Not rushing the completion and release of the album seems worth it after my first listen as it’s totally solid with a high calibre of songs and musicianship on display throughout. It also features a top-notch quality production belying that this is an indie release not a big budget label one.

Chasing Dragons are alt / modern rock comparable to bands like Halestorm and its fans of that genre that ‘Faction’ will appeal to the most. The Dragons are heavily influenced by NWOBHM and Power Metal in their song writing, combining heaviness with melody. They have the down tuned massive guitar riffs to keep the music heavy boned but they also have plenty of melodious guitar licks and riffs – The sort of thing that Iron Maiden are famous for.

Vocalist Tank has an outstanding voice she is very versatile on this album, one minute displaying powerful visceral moments alongside unbelievable smooth and melodious vocals the next. Whilst the power and the impact of the Dragons front woman is what really grabbed my attention initially the band are far from a one trick pony reliant on her talent, the intricate guitar work and deliciously melodious guitar parts are extremely enjoyable and compliment the vocals perfectly.

The term radio friendly isn’t usually a term you’d associate with heavy acts but their song ‘Bare Knuckle Lover’ is just that proving heavy can be commercial too. The songs as a whole are incendiary and you just know songs like ‘Devil In Her Eyes’ are going to make a massive impact when performed live. While you can hear their trad metal influences ‘Faction’ is very much a modern alt rock album exemplified by the Funeral For Friend alike ‘For Kingdom For Glory’.

Chasing Dragons have an Americanised sound and the superb musicianship, strong vocals and mesmerising melodious guitars made this album a hit with me. ‘Faction’ is full of explosive, high energy metal that should have alt rock fans and even some Trad Metal fans cranking their stereo’s up. An excellent debut album from a band destined for big things, modern rock fans really do need to chase the dragon!


Essential Track - 'Devil In Her Eyes'

Review by Woody

Track List

  1. Factionless
  2. How The World Went Black
  3. Parasite
  4. Like Gravity
  5. Bareknuckle Lover
  6. For Kingdom For Glory
  7. This Time Is Ours
  8. Devil In Her Eyes
  9. The Connection
  10. I'm No Devil (I'm Just A Girl)
  11. Whitehorse
  12. We Are The Wall