Angel Heart - 'Angel Heart'

(Mighty Music)

If you are aware of Norwegian band Highland Glory you’ll know members of that band are the guts of new female fronted act Angel Heart. They are being marketed as a symphonic metal band but I would say their sound is more in the melodic rock vein with strong symphonic touches and characteristics. Some of the songs, not all, put me in mind of Alyson Avenue – that strong guitar vibe with stunning female vocals. It’s easy to see why it’s been marketed towards fans of Within Temptation and Leaves Eyes – whom I’m sure will love Angel Heart but I feel melodic rock fans and to a lesser degree AOR fans given the commercial stance of these songs will enjoy this album just as much, if not more so!

It’s vastly softer than you’re average Symph band and while the structures and flavours of these songs do dip into that genre it really is just a dip and I personally feel – those attuned to melodic rock will be more ravenous for this album than Symphonic fans who may be disappointed at the softer tone of the songs.

I fell in love with Trine Elise Johansen’s vocals immediately on opening track ‘Burning Desire’ they are so beautiful and enchanting, totally perfect for these lush atmospheric soundscapes. She has a great range and her vocals come across as classically trained but not operatic or choral but full of the power and ability you’d expect from that style of vocalist.

Guitarist / Keyboardist Lars Andre Larsen has created a really atmospheric melodic rock album complete with some stunning melodious guitar work and symph style keyboards.

It contains some beautiful atmospheric songs and ballads but they don’t shy away from rousing anthemic rockers though like ‘Forever Free’ and ‘Worth The Wait’ with it’s awesome multi layered vocal chorus.

The song writers Eighties melodic rock influences are extremely apparent in these songs and while this album is very modern you can definitely hear the commerciality of Eighties rock shining through in the foundations of these songs.

You could say Angel Heart meet in the middle between melodic rock and symphonic metal and it’s highly commercial making it to my ears a sure fire hit across the board. It’s totally enchanting, I love it and its well worth your time checking out!


Essential Track - 'Burning Desire'

Review By Woody


  1. Burning Desire
  2. Run Away With Me
  3. I Don't Need Love
  4. Forever Free
  5. She Is Strong
  6. My Spirit Will Live On
  7. Rock Friends
  8. Worth The Wait
  9. Sailing Against The Wind