A New Revenge - 'Enemies and Lovers'

(Golden Robot Records)

A New Revenge is an all new supergroup fronted by Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and also featuring, Rudy Sarzo, James Kottak and journeyman guitarist Keri Kelli. As you can surmise from the names involved, they have a sound entrenched in ‘80’s American hard rock. Powerful but highly melodious with the rebellious tone which screams of the LA Strip sound from back in the day. Full of punchy choruses, strong vocal harmonies, energetic beats and invigorating guitar riffs which will excite ‘80’s hard rock fans and have them cranking there stereos up to 11.

I was really impressed with Ripper’s vocals, I mainly know him for his more metallic material and his high-pitched vocals and style, here his delivery and style are much different. It’s clear he has more than one string to his bow vocally and gives a much more varied and melodic performance. It’s a hard rock record and he gives a hard rock vocal to suit the style and swagger of these tunes. I think many will be suitably impressed and those who are dismissive of him as a Rob Halford clone may be eating their own words after hearing this album.

On the Whole ‘Enemies and Lovers’ is a rambunctious and energetic affair with soaring melodies and melodic hooks liberally sprinkled throughout. It’s an extremely memorable batch of songs with plenty of hooks that instantly grab you, it definitely delivers instant musical gratification. It has massive sing-along choruses and an intoxicating energy that made these songs instant hits with me.

There are solid performances from all the musicians and that makes for a very enjoyable and satisfying listen. Although Owen’s performance is strikingly impressive it would be an injustice not to highlight Keri Kelli’s immense guitar work. These killer guitar riffs are melodic, metallic and extremely catchy, Kelli delivers perfect ‘80’s guitar riff heaven!

On the surface this may seem like a straight forward bouncy hard rock record with songs destined for exhilarating live shows and making bodies dance around living rooms with careless abandon, but there is more depth to it than that. If you concentrate on the songs there are some deep, emotive and thoughtful lyrics giving these tunes a little more meat to their hard rock bones.

If you’re a fan of Hard Rock with it’s roots in the 80’s then ‘Enemies and Lovers’ is an album you really need to check out!


Essential Track - 'Never Let You Go'

Review by Woody


  1. The Distance Between
  2. The Way
  3. Never Let You Go
  4. Glorious
  5. The Eyes
  6. Fallen
  7. Only The Pretty Ones
  8. Enemies and Lovers
  9. Here's To Us
  10. Scars