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The Wild! – ‘Wild At Heart’

posted 13 Feb 2017, 15:54 by Paul Woodward


Review By Woody

Canadian’s The Wild! caught my attention recently after stumbling across them on YouTube, so I was very keen to check out this album Wild At Heart which is actually their second and it quickly capitalises on their recent run of critical acclaim. I’m actually surprised their first album flew under my radar!

Their sound is based heavily in the blues and if you stripped these songs to the bone there would be a traditional blues number at its centre. These songs are soaked in booze, full of rambunctiousness, totally carefree and full on rip snorting dirty raw rock n roll! There’s an infectious energy to the album as a whole and those shout it out loud choruses are sure to make these guys really popular with fans of no frills, no nonsense rock.

This album should be a dream for fans of blues based hard rock with its booze soaked rebellious biker rock touches. It should also appeal to fans of traditional blues because those influences are worn with a badge of honour and are very prominent in the song writing. I also detect touches of AC/DC in their blues drive and Guns N Roses in their rebellious energy. Wild At Heart is full of addictive rhythms that will get under your skin and involuntarily stomping along. Amongst the energy is some low-slung guitar riffs and swaggering rockers accompanied by gritty and gravelly vocals. The Wild! strip rock right back to basics and deliver fun time, beer swigging, uncompromising rebel yelling rock!

Check out energetic rocker ‘Best of The West’ with its stomping guitar riff and kick ass chorus, the addictive rhythms of ‘Livin Free’ and the swaggering rock of ‘Ready To Roll’ and ‘Down At The Bottom’ to sample these guys at their best! Blues traditionalists should go straight to ‘White Devil’ which is pure blues and booze fuelled rocker ‘Another Bottle’ is a sure fire hit with rock fans in general.

Wild At Heart is really enjoyable, you can just switch off to it, crack open a bottle or two, crank it up and rock out all night long to it! They may use every cliché in the book and their sound isn’t exactly unique but they take a well-loved rock n roll style and crank it up and deliver it with energetic gusto so damn well it’s so easy to find yourself punching the air and head banging along! It’s not going to change the world and it’s sure as shit isn’t thought provoking but it’s the perfect slice of rock to get any party energised and rocking!

Track Listing: Ready To Roll / Livin’ Free / White Devil / Another Bottle / Best In The West / Six Hundred and Sixty Six / Rattlesnake Shake / Run Home / Down At The Bottom / Kansas City Shuffle

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Ready To Roll