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Stefanie – ‘S/T’

posted 2 Mar 2017, 14:38 by Paul Woodward

(Escape Music)

Review By Woody

The eponymous Stefanie is a singer songwriter from Pennsylvania in the United States. On the surface, she creates songs in a pop rock vein, but there is a lot more to her song writing than that blunt observation suggests. Her music is a real amalgam of styles and influences, there are some modern country touches in there which are at times accentuated by Stefanie’s vocal delivery. But there is a strong guitar edge which adds a strong Americanised modern rock flavour. Add to the mix a touch of blues, slight alternative twists and a healthy dose of potent melody and you get a really unique vibe but at the same time one that has broad appeal.

Sometimes there is a blues inflection to her voice, sometimes a country one, but in overall terms Stefanie has a really cool and mesmerising voice which has a really soothing tone to it which really appeals to me and draws me into her songs. Lyrically this album is quite deep and meaningful and I was really impressed by these thoughtful and emotional lyrics. She manages to steer away from clichés and obvious lyrical trappings whilst touching on very common subject matter which is easy to relate with and connect to. Although there are some quite soft influences in the mix there is always a strong guitar presence which gives many of the songs a nice heavy edge to their brand of pop rock that gives the songs more impact and urgency to listeners.

There is some really great song writing on display here, both lyrically and musically. This is definitely an album that people who appreciate something a little deeper and personal will really enjoy and get invested in. These quality songs are also wonderfully brought to life by some tremendous musicianship and the superb vocals of Stefanie. If you enjoy the style of music Stefanie has created here then you will find there are no weak tracks or fillers, making it a very solid album. It’s just about which songs you connect with the most that will reveal your own favourites and which tracks you personally feel are the strongest.

‘Everything You Need’ is a real carefree number with tinkling piano’s and a big chorus – it’s one of the most overtly pop tracks on the album. ‘Word Man’ is very evocative and is quite an emotional song with a heart-breaking tone, this is a song I think many will relate to. ‘Stranger’ has some intriguing lyrics and is a heavy edged modern country song.

‘One Life’ is an upbeat rocker with a very positive and inspirational vibe. Ballad ‘Hello Love’ has a powerful and entrancing chorus and has strong country touches. ‘All I Know’ is probably the track that demonstrates the most obviously, that blend of modern rock and modern country that is prevalent throughout Stefanie’s song writing.

Overall this self-titled album from Stefanie is a solid and enjoyable collection of songs which I can highly recommended. This album should appeal and interest a wide cross section of music fans given the mix of styles evident throughout. If like me regardless of style you need your music to have a strong melodic core, then that’s exactly what you get here. Well worth your time to check out, especially for lovers of female rock vocalists!

Track Listing: All I Know / Master Of Disguise / Stranger / Everything You Need / Word Man / Hello Love / One Life / In My Shoes / The Second Time Around / The Song I Was Meant To Write / We Will Fight

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Hello Love