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Running Wild – ‘Riding The Storm’

posted 3 Jul 2016, 10:35 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

Riding The Storm is a compilation album from German Metal Act Running Wild comprising tracks taken from albums released on the Noise record label. These guys were apparently the original ‘Pirate Metal’ band, so we know who to blame or congratulate depending on your own personal thoughts on that very unique sub-genre. This is my first taste of the band and normally ‘best of’ albums are a great way for the uninitiated to get a feel for a band with a long history. The track listing, bar a few exceptions, also runs chronologically which is something I like especially in times when I want to buy specific albums afterwards.

This is a real mish mash of an album and if I’m honest I found myself struggling with it, the quality of the songs and especially the production values are extremely varied throughout, obviously the first album has very dated production values, but throughout I found some poor production letting the flow of some songs down. There are some good meaty gang vocal choruses and chunky guitar riffs to crank up but overall for me it’s a 50/50 album as some of these songs just fail to impress.

Lyrics are not always important, but I do find some lyric’s off putting and I have always struggled with concept albums. I do feel the nautical theme on many of the songs does nothing for me, but the band aren’t a one trick pony and they do spread their wings lyrically unlike many bands in the ‘Pirate Metal’ genre. Also musically the band veer more towards chunky leather and denim rock n roll akin to Judas Priest and Saxon, rather than far more obvious nautical and power metal tones of modern day ‘Pirate Metal’. Songs like the MTV hit ‘Bad To The Bone’ are more my type of thing and have a strong old school metal flavour that would appease most Eighties metal heads, but as a collection it is extremely hit and miss.

One of the great things about this collection is the linear notes by Malcom Dome and the accompanying interview titbits from band members which I found extremely intriguing. Whilst there is absolutely nothing controversial mentioned if you read between the line’s you can see the tension between the band and the label over various matters, including pushing the band in a more commercial direction.

Track Listing: Disc 1 – Victim Of States Power / Genghis Khan / Prisoner Of Our Time / Walpurgis Night / Branded and Exiled / Fight The Oppression / Chains and Leather / Under Jolly Roger / Beggar’s Night / Diamonds Of The Black Chest / Raw Ride / Intro - Port Royal / Uaschitschun / Final Gates / Conquistadores / Calico jack

Disc 2 – Riding the Storm / Evilution / Bad To The Bone / Tortuga Bay / Blazon Stone / Little Big Horn / Over The Rainbow / Genocide / Whirlwind / Fistful Of Dynamite / Pile Of Skulls / Soulless / The Privateer / Fight The Fire Of Hate / The Phantom of Black Hand Hill / Lions of The Sea

Album Rating: 5/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Bad To The Bone