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O’Regan – ‘Polymorphic Tragedy’

posted 2 Oct 2016, 14:46 by Paul Woodward

(Z Records)

Review by Woody

I’ve always been a supporter of Black Country guitarist Vince O’Regan so I was of course very keen to hear his latest solo album Polymorphic Tragedy. Once again the album features a mixture of guest vocalist’s including Paul Sabu, Phil Vincent and Nick Workman (VEGA). One of the best things about these solo releases from Vince is that he seems more experimental with his styles and sounds in his song writing giving us something different. On the previous two O’Regan releases though I did keep feeling like many of the songs were offcuts from previous projects, I don’t think that is as apparent this time although I’m sure some of these songs may have been taken from recent writing sessions possibly with other projects in mind at the time. The songs on this album do have a distinctly different feel to his bands/projects for example the tracks with Workman and Vincent do not sound like Eden or Legion.

It’s a decent enough album and as a long standing fan of Vince’s it’s nice to see him mixing it up with his song writing and it’s cool to hear a few tracks which hark back to the sound of Pulse. I do feel however the album because of its various singers and song styles can seem a little disjointed and I think this nonlinear flow does affect the impact of some of the songs and the overall impression the album gives.

One of the best tracks is the atmospheric and emotive ‘Gabrielle’ which has a strong Pulse flavour to it, it’s a really haunting musical piece Vince has written and it really does stand out when listening to the album through. The album has a lot of light flavoured upbeat melodic hard rock but it’s the pop rock vibe of the Nick Workman tracks that really excite me. Both ‘Welcome To The Real World’ and the superb ‘Destiny’ bare very little resemblance to the their previous band Eden, It’s much more upbeat and perhaps a tad softer, but way more commercial than Eden. I’d be intrigued to hear a full album collaboration between Workman and O’Regan with this style in mind – but sadly given how busy both musicians are with other bands and projects I can’t see this happening for a good while.

Polymorphic Tragedy is nothing ground breaking but it should entertain the average melodic hard fan very easily!

Track Listing: Unchain The Night / Polymorphic Tragedy / Welcome To The Real World / Falling Sky / Gabrielle / All Of My Love / Trial By Fire / Long Way To Go / Destiny / Masquerade / You Don’t Know

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Destiny