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Marauder – ‘Bullet Head’

posted 3 Jul 2016, 10:43 by Paul Woodward

(Pitch Black)

Review By Woody

After my quick initial listen to Greek metal mob Marauder I was rather excited about their traditional eighties metal sound. When I came to listen to the album Bullet Head properly though, that initial excitement quickly died as it is a very average album and the promise I heard in my preview listen was not realised. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad album, far from it, but it’s a little underwhelming and some of the songs have great potential but lack a killer chorus or hook that would make them pop out at you and instead fade quickly into mediocrity.

The strong NWOBHM feel will make the album appeal strongly to the denim and leather crowd and I think many genre fans may enjoy the album far more than me given its strong traditional, without been retro, style. There’s plenty of chunky guitar riffs to give it some boom and lots of soaring melodic guitar licks that scream Iron Maiden. I feel they have a strong Americanised sound and the album veers more towards the rock end of the NWOBHM spectrum as opposed to Metal, so sits comfortably on fans of biker rock radars.

I do like the vocalist’s gruff and power tone and it’s gives the large gang choruses some really power, but as I’ve previously stated the chorus itself, not the vocal, lacks a hook or melody to entice you into the song.

Overall I found the album very plodding and the mid paced songs unsurprisingly even more so and as the album flowed I found very little to ignite my interest. Some of the faster paced songs held a little more fire but were let down by unimpressive choruses.

Just because I found the album a tad uninspired may not mean those who enjoy traditional NWOBHM won’t find lots here to entertain as it does tick all the requisite boxes for the genre and its rabid fan base. So if you like big chunky riffs and booming chanting gang choruses this one could be right up your alley!

Track Listing: Son Of Thunder / Metal Warriors / Spread Your Wings / Tooth N Nail / Dark Legion / Predators / The Fall / Echoes In The Dark / Shadowman / Set Me Free

Album Rating: 5/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Spread Your Wings