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Mad Margritt – ‘Love, Hate and Deception’

posted 17 Jan 2017, 12:44 by Paul Woodward

(Perris Records)

Review by Woody

I’ve got a few Mad Margritt albums and they are one of those bands that have some great songs but their albums always tend to be a bit patchy quality wise. With Love Hate and Deception once again the patchiness of the song quality does affect the overall impression of the album. There is some quality talent within the band and this does shine through on occasion with some quality vocal moments, infectious guitar riffs and the powerful rhythm section. But as I’ve said before no matter how good a musician you are if the songs don’t hit the mark it’s irrelevant. There are elements to Mad Margritt’s style that should garner them a stronger cult following but I fear the inconsistency of their albums holds them back a little.

They have sleaze touches but their sound harks back to the early Nineties metal scene – think Slave To The Grind era Skid Row. Although their sound does owe a lot to that era in general they do mix some modern metal style guitar riffs and vocal touches in to give them an updated and contemporary take on the style. I’m sure fans of those type of bands will enjoy the sharp metallic guitar riffs and rolling deep rhythm section that gives them a heavy edge.

Oddly given the energy and momentum the band plough into their songs it’s actually the Ballads where they seem to shine for me. It’s on these songs where the band actually get quite emotional and it gives the songs a stirring quality. ‘Broken’ and ‘It’s Time To Say Goodbye’ are both surprisingly heartfelt and emotive, with the acoustic instrumental ‘Into The Light’ been a good mood setter for ‘It’s Time To Say Goodbye’.

Love Hate and Deception just lacks that something, the missing x factor, that would make these songs stick out and linger in your memory. I don’t find it demands your attention, so when you’ve played it through you’re not pressing repeat immediately. I do feel established Mad Margritt fans will be happy though, it’s got a quality production which helps and I think they would be less critical than myself.

Track Listing: Liar / The One You Love To Hate / Take Your Best Shot / Broken / Never Enough / I’m Over You / Into The Light / It’s Time I Told You Goodbye / Bad Obsession

Album Rating: 4/10

Woody’s Essential Track: The One You Love To Hate