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Linda & The Punch - 'Obsession'

posted 3 Jun 2014, 13:00 by Paul Woodward

(Escape Music)

Review by Woody

Linda and the Punch are a new young female fronted pop rock act brought to us by the melodic rock legend Michael Voss who produces this album. Having assembled this young band to back up Linda they brought in songs by some well known song writing heavy hitters including the ever busy and cult AOR song writer Tommy Denander. The aim was to produce something youthful, energetic, melodic and fresh and they pretty much nailed what they set out to create.

‘Obsession’ is essentially a guitar heavy pop rock record, but given the mix of songwriters there is a whole host of subtly flavours and shades to the songs. I hear subtle hints of ‘Punk’, ‘Country’, ‘Indie’ and even more straight ahead melodic rock. Linda and the band do tie up these varying styles in their performances keeping it cohesive whilst keeping the individuality of each track intact. There are quite a few things here that remind me of Swede’s Lambretta and musically Garbage too, this is very much a modern rock sounding album as those two comparisons would imply, but they never veer too far from a strong melodic pop sensibility.

The strong guitar presence prevents some of the tracks from becoming too pop but never overwhelming Linda’s vocals, and given the various feels to every track it allows here to spread her wings and show off her voice. Which she does easily on the power pop tunes like ‘What A Shame’ and highlights her powerful range on ballads like ‘Wake Up Dreaming Of You’ and on one of my favourites here the strong melodic rock focus of ‘Nothing Of Anything’ a track which she also wrote the lyrics for.

Some highlights to keep an ear out for are ‘Cold, Cold World’ which has some killer keyboards on the chorus and wonderfully haunting melodies. The energetic and addictive modern edge of ‘Love Kills Me’ and ‘Looking Out For Number One’ which has a straight ahead melodic rock vibe to it and it showcases Linda’s vocal immaculately throughout – in fact it’s my favourite performance by her on the entire album!

It’s a pretty solid album of energetic addictive power pop with a amazing vocals from Linda who seems to be able to turn her voice to many different styles, although I have to admit when she’s in straight ahead melodic rock vocal mode that is when I like her best. While ‘Obsession’ does make you think of other similar bands there is genuinely fresh and exciting ambience to this album. If you like female fronted rock with a modern flavour and a bucket full of melody this one should tickle your fancy.

Track Listing: What A Shame / Cold Cold World / Welcome To London / Wake Up Dreaming / Nothing Of Anything / Bite / Looking Out For Number One / Kill The Lights / Lost For Words / Love Kills Me / Because The Night

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Nothing Of Anything