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Legion - 'V'

posted 12 Nov 2013, 08:19 by Paul Woodward
(Z Records)

Review by Woody

This is the fifth album, hence the title, from Anglo American rockers Legion in three years! Black Country guitarist Vince O’Regan and American vocalist Phil Vincent have developed a very prolific song writing partnership and in Vincent, O’Regan seems to have found someone who not only shares his musical vision but also is a perfect fit for the sound he wants to achieve. I’ve always been a big supporter of Legion, but I do feel the swiftness of album releases has negatively affected the quality of some of their albums. If I was saying this is the third album from the band, I’d be applauding the band’s strength and consistency, but in truthfulness I fear a few songs have slipped past quality control, been to similar or haven’t been worked on long enough in order to get albums out more frequently.

‘V’ see’s the band really hit their stride with an album I’m tempted to say is their best to date as it feels more complete, with more hooks and a lot more variation in the tracks. That Legion trademark is stamped all over the songs, but there is freshness to the creativity from both Vincent and O’Regan. Also from my point of view the strong commercial flavour that ‘V’ has makes it a really easy album to enjoy. They still have the big crunching guitars and dark brooding tone but the choruses are bigger and the guitars hookier making songs far more infectious than I’ve heard before from Legion.

I’m sure O’Regan working on other musical styles at the moment has inspired some fresh creativeness in him and some of those more obvious commercial traits of his other band Escape have influenced some of those infectious guitar riffs. This in turn has allowed Vincent to really deliver the big choruses and give us his best vocals ever for Legion, just check out the ballad ‘Take You Away’ and be left jaw agape! It does really feel that they have upped their song writing game and have acknowledged the need for variation, as listening to their last album made me suffer a bad case of déjà vu!

I’ve compared them to Dokken in the past, but that has been more about style and tone of the music as opposed to similarity, but ‘Every Beat Of My Heart’ could have been lifted straight from ‘Back For The Attack’!

Established Legion fans will eat ‘V’ up and relish the infectious nature of this collection of songs. Also I think given the strength and variation of perhaps their most accessible album to date this will not only win over new fans but may also turn heads of those who may have dismissed the band previously. If they can maintain this standard they will become a force to be reckoned with.

Track Listing: Gotta Pay The Price / Satisfy Me / Who Can You Trust / Every Beat Of My Heart / Hanging By A Thread / Take You Away / Living In The Shadows / Not Fooling Anyone / House Of Cards / Lose Yourself / Brand New Day

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Every Beat Of My Heart