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Gun Machine – ‘Balls To The Wall’

posted 3 Jan 2017, 04:29 by Paul Woodward

(Santo Grial)

Review by Woody

After my first play through of the debut album from Gun Machine I actually thought they were German as there is some distinct German Eighties Metal/Hard Rock influences in their music, so I was a little surprised to find out they are actually from Northern Spain. There are a few sounds and styles going on but it is essentially a Hard Rock album, but under the hood there is some flashes of Prog, traditional classic rock and even some NWOBHM most notably in the heavy and at times fast paced rhythm section.

I’ve found ‘Balls To The Wall’ a hard album to review because it’s OK, a reasonably solid hard rock album but it doesn’t generate any strong feelings in me positively or indeed negatively. These songs just don’t make a big enough impression on me to make me want to listen to them again and again and although listening to the album has been pleasant enough I can’t see me listening to it now I’ve finished reviewing it.

Opener ‘Bad Memories’ does kick things off quite well and is quite promising but it just doesn’t kick in afterwards. There just isn’t enough hooks or memorable choruses to help make the songs and the album ‘pop’ or excite me. The dilemma is the songs aren’t bad, I’ve heard far worse, but they just don’t stick with me making this album at best just ‘alright’.

There are elements I like to what Gun Machine do, they are not afraid to mess about with their song structures, styles and aren’t afraid to throw in splashes of smooth melody occasionally. There is a lot of potential to what I’m hearing and a production job that most bands would scream blue murder for really helps highlight what a good band with the right songs they could become. You can’t knock the musician’s abilities as there is some great musicianship on show here and vocalist Azpiroz has a great tone, nice bit of underlying power and with the right lyrics and melody a voice that could easily emote strongly. They are already working on the follow up album and I’ll be really keen to hear and see if the bands song writing has improved because there is a hell of a lot of potential in Gun Machine and they could become a really strong hard rock band.

Track Listing: Bad Memories / Addiction / Change The World / Forever Free / The Black Hat / So Far Away / Balls To The Wall / I Pray for You / Zulima

Album Rating: 6/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Bad Memories