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Fate - 'If Not For The Devil'

posted 31 Dec 2013, 08:03 by Paul Woodward
(Avenue Of Allies)

Review By Woody

The history of Danish melodic rockers Fate goes way back to the mid-eighties and ‘If Not For The Devil’ is the follow up to their 2011 comeback album ‘Ghosts From The Past’. Fate in the year 2013 is a far heavier band than they were back in the day but they are still ultra melodic.

I really enjoyed ‘Ghosts From The Past’ although it was shockingly heavy in comparison to the bands eighties output. I found that album quite dark in atmosphere but ‘If Not For The Devil’ is a far brighter affair with a stronger upbeat tone whilst still maintaining the heavier stance of the bands current sound and that’s why I personally enjoy this album so much more than its predecessor.

To be honest I’m totally smitten with this album it’s catchy as hell and ultra melodic with some killer sing-along fist pumping choruses. This collection of songs is heavy melodic rock with crunching guitar riffs, massive pompous keyboards and hooks aplenty accompanied by thunderous rhythms. Yes it is heavy but it’s that air of commerciality that surrounds the album that hooks me in and has me listening to songs over and over. ‘Feel Like Making Love’ is radio friendly gold with its lush summertime sing along chorus, less aggressive but an undeniably killer song that I’ve had constantly on repeat since I first heard it!

There is some damn fine guitar work here and it’s these riffs that give the album its energy and drive but I think Keyboardist Mikkel Henderson is an ivory tinkling genius. I adore not only his big pompous keyboards that lavish most songs but also those more traditional melodic rock keyboard flourishes on songs like ‘Gambler’, ‘Man Against The Wall’ and ‘Turn Back Time’ which are so killer they make me all tingly!

For me though it’s the premium quality of the songs here that make this an essential purchase and I can already imagine bold energetic rocking tracks like ‘If Not For The Devil’, ‘Bridges Are Burning’ and ‘Feel Like Making Love’ annoying melodic rock fans across the world’s neighbours as they strap on their air guitars, stomp around their living rooms and their well lubricated singing voices accompany every chorus!

I highly recommend everyone checks out ‘If Not For The Devil’ it’s a thoroughly enjoyable album from start to finish. It can be powerful and majestic but always commercial as it’s packed with infectious melodies and unforgettable hooks. An album full of head banging, beer swigging, shout along fist pumping anthems – seriously do yourself a favour and get this one cranked up nice and loud on your stereo!

Track Listing: Reaping / If Not For The Devil / Bridges Are Burning / Feel Like Making Love / Gambler / Hard To Say Goodbye / Made Of Stone / Man Against The Wall / My World / Turn Back Time / Taught To Kill / Gimme All Your Love

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Feel Like Making Love