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EofE - 'S/T'

posted 23 Nov 2015, 07:30 by Paul Woodward

(Cream Records)

Review by Woody

I’ve been aware of young Dudley rockers EofE for some time now and they have been a band in steady evolution as they experiment with sounds and styles. Starting out as a pop rock band with loud guitar’s their highly melodic vibe even saw them tour stadiums with McFly. Something I feel the band now like to keep quiet but it was a big break for them and gives them a wealth of experience not to be baulked at. One of the main reasons they tend to gloss over that touring experience is that their sound has evolved into more mainstream Kerrang friendly territory akin to Mallory Knox. So Obviously when trying to sell yourself to those circles mentioning McFly will send the wrong impression although to be fair an opinion on a bands music should always be based on a listen as opposed to opinions on other bands!

I have to admit when this their self titled debut landed in my hands I was a initially reluctant to give it a spin, although I was interested in what they were doing in the past the turn towards a more mainstream style had lost me as I wasn’t a fan of their lead single ‘Get Caught’ which saw the band showcase their new musical direction.

They are less smooth and a lot darker than they were and have definitely forged a more current sound. Thankfully though their highly melodic nature shines through and despite my initial worries I found myself enjoying the album immensely albeit the more obvious smooth melodic numbers but it will be the more discordant tracks like ‘Get Caught’ that propel them into the limelight.

These guys know how to write a hook and this ear for the commercial will make them stand out and of course give them a wider audience than your average metal band. I’m glad the bands ambition hasn’t made them forget what makes a good song good and it’s pleasing to see their highly melodic song writing style still shines through.

I do feel the album doesn’t showcase vocalist Tom Harris’s true abilities though as this style doesn’t need smooth vocals and whilst it does see Harris show his vocal versatility it only occasionally on the more melodic numbers like ‘Bridges’ gets time to shine. Which I think is a shame, but it’s all down to the style not the talent!

With the right exposure these guys should explode into the mainstream and be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Young Guns, Mallory Knox and You Me At Six on bigger stages. If you are a fan of those bands then the debut from the Black Country’s EofE is going to mightily impress you!

Track Listing: Get Caught / Wake Up / Bridges / Save The Night / Waiting For Olivia / Lifeboat / Close To Me / Stars In Hollywood / Only Get Better / Y.O.U / Ruins

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Bridges