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Electus – ‘Rock N Roll Incarnate part one’

posted 30 Jan 2017, 08:23 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

Rock N Roll Incarnate part one is the second album from West Midlands rockers Electus. It sees the band evolving their sound and I feel it is a stronger overall album than their debut, a definite step up in many ways and although it can be quite off kilter I think it is more accessible than its predecessor to.

It’s essentially hard rock with driven guitar riffs and a hard-hitting rhythm section, but Peake’s song writing is very different to many similar bands which helps the band stand out in the crowd. I’ve always felt the band are quite quirky and embrace a lot of Alternative rock elements into their sound but I think with this album Peake has embraced these elements and run with it even more so in his song writing.

Given the bands quirky nature it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge that Electus could be an acquired taste for some. They are definitely a marmite band with fans who get it, adoring them and those that don’t perhaps been left a little baffled. Personally, I embrace that quirkiness and I revel in the unique flavour that Electus create, it makes the music feel fresh and I like and applaud Peake for trying to create something that is all him as opposed to writing to fit into or emulate a popular style in a bid to be ‘popular’. Yes, it may not be commercial enough for some people, but I think those that get into this band will find the songs do indeed leave a lasting impression.

The songs are alternative and occasionally odd ball, there is some great hard rock guitar riffage and its drum and bass heavy backline really makes me think of Primus! Peake’s vocal delivery is one of the main factors in creating something unique and different and his voice really add an idiosyncratic touch to the music.

The Primus style rocker ‘Saved’ is very catchy with a melodic chorus and some cool gang backing vocals. The driven hard rock of ‘I Wanted You’ which has a huge guitar riff and is one of the tracks that will hit you from the initial play. ‘Slip Away’ blends strong alternative vibes into its laid-back flow and sweeping chorus. Energetic rocker ‘Running Around’ and the bittersweet music of laid back ballad ‘Summertime’ are other highlights well worth your time checking out!

I really recommend Rock N Roll Incarnate part one to hard rock fans looking for something different, intriguing, off the beaten track but always delivering good solid hard rock at the same time. It will definitely appeal to people who like strong alternative rock influences and lots of driven energy which makes the songs impactful live!

Track Listing: Ticket To Nowhere / I Wanted You / Slip Away / Saved / Another Like Me / Freak Out / Light In The Sky / Running Around / Summertime / Angel Dust

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: I Wanted You