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Deadline - 'Fire Inside'

posted 1 Mar 2015, 07:51 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 1 Mar 2015, 07:53 ]

(Bad Reputation)

Review by Woody

I could probably count the amount of French rock bands I know on one hand but that’s exactly where Deadline are from and ‘Fire Inside’ is their debut album. They play unashamedly eighties influenced hard rock and write songs in an anthemic fashion. On my first playback of the album I quickly noticed a similarity in vocalist Arnaud Restoueix’s singing style and quickly found myself noting it more and more and that is Klaus Meine of the Scorpions. Restoueix doesn’t have an accent in his singing or at least not prominently to my ears, strong accents can sometimes ruin bands especially in bands where English isn’t their first language, but those similarities to Meine crop up frequently.

Their hard rock sound which is very guitar groove laden heavy is very much reminiscent of The Scorpions especially their early eighties output so I’m confident fans of the Scorpions will click with this album. Given that driven guitar swagger and the song writing structure you can also hear trace elements of Scottish rockers Gun, this is most apparent on a couple of songs with prominent vocal harmonies and the style of these is akin to Gun.

I wouldn’t say Restouiex is the greatest singer in the world, but his vocal style sits very well with the swagger and groove the album possesses. In the main ‘Fire Inside’ is quite an enjoyable collection of hard rock and outside of one or two fillers there is not a lot to pick fault with. I don’t want to be overly harsh or critical as I feel it will be me picking faults just because I’m reviewing the album and it is essentially a cool and promising debut album from these French newbie’s. But I feel the songs have no lasting power, yes they are an enjoyable ride and the energy does get you rockin’, but as soon as the music stops it becomes quickly forgettable and I don’t find myself returning to ‘Fire Inside’ for repeat playbacks. Don’t let this put you off cranking this one up if you’re into your anthemic hard rock, just a personal observation and I’m sure many will disagree.

It’s the guitar riffs that impressed me the most and got me into the songs, there is some cracking swaggering riffs throughout the album that demand you get into the groove along with them. Although it’s the chunky riffs that dominate the album my favourite song on the album ‘No Glory’ actually contains some really beautiful guitar licks and coupled with a anthemic chorus this song is a real album stand out for me. Deadline are well worth Investigating and these guys will always go down well at a party!

Track Listing: Into The Fire / Fire Inside / Rock You / Teach Me Love / Freedom Call / October / Like An Old Man / The Maverick / No Glory / Broken Parts / The Hunter / Dance With Style / Heading West

Woody’s Essential Track: No Glory