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Daxx and Roxane – ‘Ticket To Rock’

posted 19 Apr 2017, 12:25 by Paul Woodward

(Justice Brothers)

Review by Woody

There is something really exciting about Switz hard rockers Daxx and Roxane that really hits all the right buttons with me. Although their sound is based in Classic Rock there is something undeniably fresh about them and their songs are so energising that they are destined to fire up any listeners and have live audiences bouncing!

Their sound has a strong raw classic rock base, then they add to the mix the energy of eighties hard rock creating swaggering fist pumping rambunctious rock n roll! Obviously, there is a lot of blues rock going on especially in their guitar riffs and that should make fans of Brit rock heroes Thunder and Skin very intrigued and pleased by these guys. Although vocally they owe more to the booze soaked grit of Bon Scott and those biker rock acts of the late seventies than the more powerful and booming vocals of Danny Bowes and Nev McDonald.

Daxx and Roxane give us non-stop, no frills rock riffage and gritty vocals that is beyond energetic and should get live crowds rocking with ease. These guitar riffs imbed themselves in your head and the energy they inspire in listeners should get even the most lethargic of bodies up and rocking like a madman!

The current classic rock scene has an abundance of acts but unlike many new bands Daxx and Roxane don’t get bogged down or restricted by the genres dogma therefore that freedom in their writing allows for a real freshness and puts their own stamp on a much-loved genre.

One of my favourite tracks ‘House of Nothing’ has a strong Brit Rock flavour and because I get a vibe from it that makes it sound akin to Thunder and Skin, whom I was a big fan of in my youth, it made it an instant hit with me.

This is a fantastic album from start to finish, it never lets up from bombarding us with infectious riffs and rhythms that energise and excite! I’m surprised these guys aren’t more widely known especially here in the UK where fans of Led Zeppelin, Thunder, Skin and the new wave of Classic Rock bands are still dedicated and loyal to this style of rambunctious rock n roll! If you like rock in general you’re going to love this and if you’re a classic rock fan you may need to hold on to your pants after pressing play!

Track Listing: Ticket To Rock / Girl Next Door / House Of Nothing / Lust and Love / Leaving For Tomorrow / Wrong Side / Good Vibes / What Was / Wild Child / Hard Rockin’ Man

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: House Of Nothing