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Daniel Trigger - Infinite Persistence

posted 8 Aug 2012, 17:18 by Paul Woodward

Review By Woody

Midlands’s singer – songwriter Daniel Trigger has been around for quite a while and has definitely paid his dues on the live front playing small pub’s to a handful of people to large events with audience figures in the thousands and everything in between. His most notable band was the recently retired Trigger who released four albums and was together from 2003 till 2011. It seems that elusive break may have jaded Dan a bit and Infinite Persistence was originally billed as his swan song release. Given the work not just on the live front that Dan has put into his music and  song writing this frustration is perfectly understandably so is Dan’s last throw of the dice any good?

Well the simple answer is an almighty YES! It seems if Dan is going to call time on releasing albums he is going to go down in a blaze of glory, with his strongest collection of songs to date. Dan’s song writing style has always been in the vein of commercial rock but been very aware of what’s popular in rock circle’s he consciously tried to mix stadium rock style melodies with a darker and heavier stance of more contemporary rock acts. With Trigger this lead to some very patchy albums with a very obvious mish mash of styles, don’t get me wrong Trigger had their moments, but with Infinite Persistence Dan has carved a definitive sound and this album flows so much better than any of the Trigger albums.

Dan successfully mixes elements of melodic rock with a more contemporary rock sound akin to Shinedown and AlterBridge. Whilst I do miss the obvious melodic rock beauty of songs like ‘Can’t Save The World’ the modern edge does make the album less retro sounding and forward thinking. Don’t get me wrong this album is still jam packed with big choruses and harmonies it’s just delivered in a more current way.

Infinite Persistence has taken two years to be made and I think that shows in a very good way. It has allowed Dan to live with his songs, tinker with them and improve them gradually. He’s never afraid to multi layer any of the vocals or music to give every song maximum effect, never missing a chance for a hook to be placed into any song. One thing I’ve noticed about Dan’s song writing on this album is the little section’s where he’ll put in some killer key’s, vocals or guitar solo and change the momentum of the song and make a good song even more memorable!

Dan’s never sounded better and I think Dan’s been very meticulous in creating his best vocal performance yet. He seems extremely keen to inject some energy into many of the songs by putting in screams and yell’s to add to a songs punch, this helps with the heavier aspect that Dan is going for as he delivers some old school metal wails that Judas Priest’s Rob Halford would be jealous of! He seems to have nailed his vocal performance perfectly in every aspect of every song, delivering emotive soul filled vocals when needed to bombastic screams.

In fact I’m extremely impressed with all the musicianship here considering these guys are unknown’s they are far from amateurs. Dan’s Key’s are majestic and Jerry Sadowski’s thunderous drumming is very impressive! Guitarist Dave D’Andrade is a real revelation, not only delivering some crunching riffs but with some jaw dropping solo’s. Add this level of musicianship to the high quality production and you get an album that will shock you to learn is an independent release!

The album opens with driving rocker ‘Sell My Soul’ which lyrically seems to be a statement from Dan stating what he won’t do to gain success – unlike many we know in the X-factor age of throw away musical celebrities. The song has an anthemic chorus and Dan uses vocal harmonies to great effect. ‘Losing My Faith’ has a driving guitar riff full of swagger and attitude, add to that a huge melodic chorus which makes it a real stand out track. I adore the keyboards in the mid section of this track. ‘Alone Tonight’ is the most obvious melodic rock track on the entire album it’s extremely catchy with insistent keys and a hook filled guitar riff. Of course it has a big bombastic 80’s sing-along chorus and it’s a real radio friendly song drenched in vocal harmonies.

‘Rain’ is a dark edged mid-tempo rocker with a punchy and insistent chorus. I’m really impressed with Dan’s vocal performance on this track and I love the atmospheric mid-section with those lovely keyboards. Driving rocker ‘Take Control’ has a swaggering chorus and is destined to be a live favourite for Dan. The song has a great groove courtesy of D’Andrade’s standout guitar licks and solo’s. The ballad ‘Breathe Again’ has some wonderfully evocative keyboards which leads to a powerful and emotion driven chorus, this is a proper power ballad! D’Andrade delivers another catchy guitar riff that will stick in your head.

‘Screaming At The Enemy’ has a bombastic guitar riff which gives the song a fantastic energy and I love the anthemic rabble rousing chorus. The swaggering classic rock fuelled ‘Gemini’ is wonderfully melodic. ‘Synthetic Celebrity’ is Dan’s ode to our current society’s quick fix desire for instant celebrity ala X-factor and Big Brother. A good live song with its punchy sing along chorus and those ‘hey,hey,hey’ parts begging for raised fists!

‘One Way Mirror’ has a groove driven guitar riff with a great energy and I love the harmonies on the chorus. ‘Promised Land’ is metallic and heavy with a crunching riff on the chorus which is strongly melodic whilst maintain the metallic thump of the song. ‘Lay It On the Line’ is a mid-tempo rocker with a driving chorus.

The album goes out with a bang with two of my favourites, the anthemic ‘Pendulum’ with its wonderfully melodic chorus it’s driving guitar licks which make it a real stand out track, I’d love to hear this live. Piano ballad ‘Last Breath’ closes the album in a beautifully emotive and powerful way. Dan delivers a stellar and emotive vocal performance on this one which is obviously a very personal song.

At fourteen tracks long this is a shockingly strong and consistent album and definitely value for money. Dan has obviously delivered his best and hopefully not his last album. With news that Infinite Persistence is set for a full release on a European label later this year the signs do point to Dan embarking on a continuingly fruitful musical path with fingers crossed more albums in the future.

A Fantastic bombastic rock album mixing elements of old school melodic rock with darker edged contemporary rock! So go buy this album now, crank it right up to neighbour annoying levels and as Dan demands on ‘Screaming at The Enemy’ – RAISE YOUR HANDS!

Track Listing: Sell My Soul / Losing My Faith / Alone Tonight / Rain / Take Control / Breathe Again / Screaming At The Enemy / Gemini / Synthetic Celebrity / One Way Mirror / Promised Land / Lay It On The Line / Pendulum / Last Breath

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Alone Tonight