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Danger Angel – ‘All The Kings Horses’

posted 25 Oct 2016, 07:07 by Paul Woodward

(Melodic Rock Records)

Review by Woody

I’ve seen Greek rockers Danger Angel develop their song writing and evolve their sound quite dramatically over the course of three albums. For me they have developed into a quality melodic hard rock and considering their debut album wasn’t earth shattering they have come a long way in a very short period of time. They have had a bit of a revolving door when it comes to vocalists, so this their latest album All The Kings Horses features a new front man in Brazilian BJ who they met on their European tour with Jeff Scott Soto a few years ago. BJ is a very strong vocalist so he only heightens the calibre of quality musicianship on display on this album.

BJ works well with the band and his vocals shine majestically throughout with some sterling sweeping vocal melodies. It’s great to see BJ showcase his vocal talents at the forefront especially on a collection of songs which suit him perfectly.

I would say this album is a tad darker and definitely heavier than their previous albums, just another chapter in the bands evolution and as much as I appreciated their last album I do feel All The Kings Horses sees them step it up another notch not just in musicianship but in the quality of the song writing.

There is some stunning guitar work from guitarist Ethan Snow who dishes up some delectable guitar solos and some hook filled riffs which gives the songs a driven energy – The riff on ‘Dead In The water’ is a prime example of Snow’s killer guitar skills on this album. The guitar riffs are sharp and there is a touch of metal to the overall feel of the album but it is still highly melodic so it sits nicely in the Melodic Hard Rock niche.

The album as a whole does have a very dark, moody musical tone but it still has some great sweeping vocal melodies and infectious keyboard licks that keep it nice and smooth and melodic. I’m a big fan Ahas’s Keyboards throughout the album which fit nicely in with the dark tone of the album, never softening the harder edge or brightening the tone of the songs but always effective in hooking a listener in. The Key’s aren’t buried in the heavier edge of the music, they are loud and proud in the mix which is something I really appreciated and enjoyed.

All The Kings Horses may not be as commercial as I tend to like but it is an album that will have an instant impact on listeners. These songs definitely make an impression and easily make you feel certain emotions or moods depending on the song – which for me is a testament to the quality of the song writing.

It’s a pretty solid album, but personal highlights include ‘Dia De Los Muertos’, the title track ‘All The Kings Horses’, ‘How About Right Now’ and the radio friendly ‘Call My Name’ which is a stirring and emotional rocker.

The album has received an excellent production which gives them a slick and professional sound which showcases these songs in their best possible light. All The Kings Horses is a solid melodic hard rock album which has a powerful and bombastic element to its songs and it is perfect for fans of the genre who like things a little heavier and have darker musical tastes.

Track Listing: To Kill A Saint / Dia De Los Muertos / Dead In The Water / Who Are You / Call My Name / Best Of Me / All The Kings Horses / Speak To Me / Will You Follow / How About Right Now / Devil’s Waltz / Hollow Men

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Call My Name