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Corvus - 'Chasing Miracles'

posted 12 May 2015, 14:53 by Paul Woodward

(Lynchburg Records)

Review by Woody

I had heard a couple of demos by Birmingham AOR’ster’s Corvus before and while I was intrigued about hearing there album I wasn’t fully prepared for what I was about to hear. I thought nice little local band writing and recording my style of music it’ll be a pleasant enough spin but instead I’m instantly levelled by what a catchy as hell pure AOR album ‘Chasing Miracles’ is, which easily shows up some of the big boy’s of the genre’s releases in recent years. Corvus to me come across as the British version of Work Of Art, whilst remaining quintessentially British they do show off their American and Scandinavian influences.

‘Chasing Miracles’ is from start to finish an instant and enjoyable rollercoaster of catchy as hell songs that get you cranking the volume and dancing along. To be honest, catchy as hell is a massive understatement, this album has had a lot of time and love spent on it in all departments and trust me no hook is left unused and it shows in abundance on every single track!

Another startling thing is the supreme level of musicianship shown throughout the band, for most the names here will be unknown but there sure as shit don’t play like nobodies. Guitarist John Clews is probably the best known for his time with Serpentine and the guitar work across the entire album is phenomenal. I’m not one for guitar histrionics but Clews has an uncanny ear for the melodic and slips in some awesome fret board work into these songs which only increases their appeal. I’m not one for instrumental’s either but I absolutely adore ‘Retribution’ which actually reminds me of Gerhard Pilcher’s instrumentals with Melodica.

Lead singer Ciaran James has a really cool deep tone and this brings out a great vibe in the flow of the songs. Even in AOR circles Keyboardists seem to remain the un sung heroes of many an amazing song and I have to highlight Nick Jeavon’s playing here, he doesn’t play fluff and filler his wonderfully adventurous and varied keyboard licks enhance the feel good factor of all these already smile inducing songs. Lyrically as well there is some great uplifting and positive messages in there – this album will be getting some serious airplay this summer!

These guys are a real revelation and all pure AOR fans really should prepare themselves for the feel good record of the year. This album is so uplifting you may find yourself floating away as you listen, sing along, find yourself involuntarily dancing and smiling like a Cheshire cat. I can’t wait for these guys to explode onto the scene and hopefully hit the road!

Track Listing: All I Need / Can’t Get Enough / Chasing Miracles / How Long / Turn To Stone / Can’t Stop Falling / When You Love Someone / Believe / Truth Or Lies / Retribution / Face The World / Where Do We Run / Don’t Let The Sun

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: When You Love Someone