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Coldspell - Frozen Paradise

posted 8 Aug 2013, 09:09 by Paul Woodward
(Escape Music)

Review by Woody

Frozen Paradise is the third album from Sweden’s Coldspell and it is again mixed by Tommy Hansen. Most people I talk too about these guys have nothing but praise for them, but I’ve always struggled with them and find it hard to hear what others hear. I was hoping it would be third time lucky with this one and I’d finally click to where all that praise comes from.

Sadly I’m still not getting into these guys and to be honest I can’t quite put my finger on why not. The album as a whole just doesn’t sink in, the hooks just don’t draw me in and the lack of in your face choruses means most the songs fail to resonate with me.

It’s well produced; in fact its production is a hell of a lot better than the vast majority of albums I rock the night away too! The Micke Larsson’s guitars on the album are in your face and gripping, Niklas Swedentrop is quite possibly one of the best vocalists out there and Matti Eklund’s pompous and subtle keyboard licks really round out the music. All that said though I just don’t find myself returning to many of the songs, there’s elements I like on some songs, like the riff, vocal line or even just a keyboard lick, but for me there is only a couple of standout tracks on the entire album.

I have found this to be the most accessible of all the Coldspell albums and I do rate it a lot higher than their previous efforts. So with that in mind I can predict that the established and loyal Coldspell fan base is going to go ape over this one. It is quite heavy almost borderline metallic at times but always kept melodic. The guitar riffs are kept direct and crisp with some nice melodious solos thrown into the mix to be honest it’s the guitar parts that make the album so strong; I would have liked to have heard a few more stimulating choruses though.

Songs to appeal to me include ‘Life 2 Live’ with its uplifting and bright chorus and ‘Fallin’ with its massive guitar riff and catchy chorus, which makes it perhaps the most instant track on here. Energetic rocker ‘On The Run’ should appeal to Whitesnake fans albeit a tad heavier than them. The huge chorus and the hook filled guitars really make it one of the standout’s here.

Even though I’m not overly struck by Coldspell I know there is plenty of good stuff here to keep fans of heavier melodic rock more than happy. Frozen Paradise is a full on heavy melodic rock album with enormous swaggering guitar riffs, pristine vocals , subtle yet pompous keyboards and plenty of rockin’ energy. So if that sounds like your strain of rock n roll, this could be for you!

Track Listing: Paradise / Angel Of The World / Life Has Just Begun / Goin’ All The Way / Alive / Life 2 Live / On The Run / Soldiers / Fallin’ / Dark Reflections / Legacy

Album Rating 6/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Fallin’

Track by Track:

Powerful rocker ‘Paradise’ has a huge guitar riff and a subtle urgent keyboard lick. There is a superb melodic guitar solo from Micke on this track. ‘Angel Of The World’ has a nice energetic swagger with its driving guitar riff and bombastic keyboard lick. Pounding mid tempo rocker ‘Life Has Just Begun’ sees some more pompous keyboards and a strong vocal performance from Niklas.

The groove laden ‘Goin All The Way’ has a swaggering guitar riff. Swaggering rocker ‘Alive’ has a fantastic air guitar inspiring chunky riff. ‘Life 2 Live’ has some pumping keyboards and cool guitar licks and most importantly an uplifting and bright chorus.

Energetic rocker ‘On The Run’ has a major Whitesnake feel to it. The Big chorus and hook filled guitars make it a real stand out track. Driving Rocker ‘Soldiers’ has a heavy Thin Lizzy vibe to it. Probably the most instant song is ‘Fallin’’, it has a massive riff and without doubt the catchiest chorus of the bunch!

Heavy edged rocker ‘Dark Reflections’ has a pounding energy and a thunderous backbeat driving it. ‘Legacy’ is a heavy swaggering rocker with metallic tinted guitars.