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Blackslash – ‘Sinister Lightning’

posted 28 Mar 2016, 13:32 by Paul Woodward

(Iron Shield)

Review by Woody

I absolutely adore Sinister Lightning by old school Metal band Blackslash I just can’t help grinning every time I listen to it, such an easy album to thoroughly enjoy! Yes, it’s very retro, yes it’s not reinventing the wheel but it’s so bloody good and I dare any fan of classic metal to find a fault with this album, barring of course the fact that it’s 2016 and not the glorious Eighties!

One of the first things that’s apparent is the excellent clean crisp production job that really helps accentuate the melodies whilst maintaining the heavy edge and galloping rhythms. Think high end production akin to Iron Maiden’s ‘Seventh Son’ album back in the day, a lot of bands of that day didn’t enjoy the production value’s that Maiden managed, so a lot of bands from that time have a rawer recorded sound.

The Iron Maiden comparison in their music is obvious, but these guys aren’t a second rate tribute band they take that sound and embellish on it creating their own version on Maiden’s classic eighties sound. They have a smoother even more melodic vibe and the vocals are less ‘air-raid siren’ more restrained and melodious which really suits my personal tastes.

Sinister Lightning is a really commercial eighties old school metal album, very catchy, hook’s aplenty with those killer choruses, melodies, stunning melodic guitars and solo’s. It’s a really enjoyable album, although it does have a throwback feel so it may not appeal to everyone but I just can’t help loving this unabashed retro metal album – just like time stopped in 1988!

It’s in those massive choruses where they really stand out and put their own mark on this style of metal. Plenty of bands try to replicate the Maiden sound and some do it really well, but none are a patch on Blackslash who have completely nailed it and cranked it up another notch. They have everything from the twin guitar attack and stellar melodic fretboard work you’d expect from their heroes, it’s hard not to be impressed by the musicianship on show here.

Iron Maiden and old school metal fans should be tripping over each other to declare Blackslash as their new favourite band! This album couldn’t come any more highly recommended for classic metal fans, had this album been released in 1988 we would be talking about them as the next big thing!

Track Listing: Empire Rising / Lucifer’s Reign / Stellar Master / Edge Of The World / Rock N Roll / Steel Stallions / Wild and Free / Made Of Steel / Don’t Touch Me

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Don’t Touch Me