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Alice Blue - 'Matter'

posted 31 Dec 2014, 14:07 by Paul Woodward


Review By Woody

I can’t think of many bands from Slovenia off the top of my head so female fronted alt rockers Alice Blue may have the pleasure of been my favourite Slovenian band! I’m really shocked that these guys are currently unsigned as they have a sound which is really popular at the moment and to me they definitely have the songs to make a real impression. I found this album ‘Matter’ a really cool discovery and if it wasn’t for the Fireworks reviews editor flying it my way I would have probably never have discovered them, so big thumbs up to Dave for enlightening me to my latest female fronted rock addiction.

Although their sound links them to Alt-rock circles they have a highly melodic tinge which veers them into pop rock territory. They actually put me strongly in mind of another female fronted band who never got signed from a few years back Slashed Seat Affair, sorry for the really obscure reference but the similarities in their approach to song writing is very similar blending alt-rock with strong pop sensibilities. There’s plenty of modern guitar style riffs that would sit easily on an album from the likes of The 1975 who I can draw strong comparisons to musically only I would say Alice Blue have a heavier bite.

I absolutely adore vocalist Laura’s voice, extremely passionate and she captured my attention from the outset, the overall sound of ‘Matter’ is very emotive and her voice suits it perfectly, it really gets under your skin. I think if you’re going to like this album it will be from the very first listen, if it doesn’t hit you instantly it probably won’t appeal to your tastes. The pop elements to it make this album very infectious and the first single ‘Hot Air’ sees them deliver lots of pleasurable hooks on a very energetic rock track. Some of the songs have really cool emotive guitar licks which really get me hooked in, very modern sounding but owing a lot too bands like U2 and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

‘Matter’ is a cracking album which I can easily highly recommend for fans of female fronted rock acts, especially alt-rock and pop rock ones. I found it to be a breath of fresh air and quickly become a massive fan; I can’t see Alice Blue staying unsigned for long! Now here’s hoping they can get over to the UK for a few live shows...which would be nice...

Track Listing: City Gates / Hot Air / Bite Your Tongue / Never Give In / Red Clouds / Mending Fences / Star Crossed / Runaway / Hit The Panic Button / Hanging By A Thread

Album Rating: 8/10