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Adrenaline Rush - 'S/T'

posted 14 Oct 2014, 13:46 by Paul Woodward

(Frontiers Records)

Young Swedish female fronted melodic rockers Adrenaline Rush have really started life with a musical bang. Their debut album is full on unapologetic late eighties inspired energetic melodic rock, with a touch of sleaze and glam that Motley Crue would be proud of! The album was written by Erik Martensson of Eclipse and W.E.T fame, his touch is obvious and his song writing does add a small sense of familiarity to his other work. Essentially though Martensson has detached himself well from his other bands and written with a specific style and attitude in mind and for me does a grand job. Whilst his touch is there, he has crafted a damn fine collection of sleazy, carefree, no frills rebellious rock n roll and if you’re a fan of Martensson’s song writing talents I see absolutely no reason at all as to why this won’t set you on fire and get you fist pumping around your local supermarket doing your weekly shop!

Front woman Tave Wanning fully emboldens the vocal persona of a rebellious rocker in her performances and I really enjoy her style and attitude. She has an exuberant nature and has the potential to be a rambunctious and highly entertaining live performer and with this collection of songs she has plenty of crowd pleasing sing along choruses in her arsenal. She may not have the range of other female vocalists like Issa or Lenna Kuurmaa, which isn’t needed on these songs anyway but I love Tave’s attitude dripping vocals and she just exudes rock n roll rebellion.

Adrenaline Rush have a big guitar sound but they always have plenty of melodic hooks in them and killer melodious riffs are thrown at us frequently to a back drop of driven guitar riffs that give all those songs that energy and attitude. There is some truly awesome guitar work on here, not fastest finger bollocks just good old melodic riffs that got stuck in your head just as much as the big choruses. Oh and Martensson is never afraid to throw some bad ass keyboard licks in the mix, which is nice.

There is lots of party time rock that will have you cranking the volume on your stereo in rambunctious rocker ‘Change’, ballsy rebellious rocker ‘Generation Left Behind’, Motley Crue inspired ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and the fist in the air, shout it out loud attitude of ‘Oh Yeah’. There is some more straight edged melodic rock tracks in the Gotthard like ‘Want It All’ and bright and soaring ‘Too Young To Die’ which not only add some light and shade to the album flow but also a big dollop of uplifting feel good ambience.

Adrenaline Rush are Eighties style party rock, it’s all about fun, bad attitude and energetic bouncy songs which were born to be perfect live songs! What the songs may lack in emotion and depth is sure made up for with fist in the air inducing shout it out loud choruses and sheer feel good awesomeness. Think Motley Crue style shenanigans and you’ll be getting close to what the Rush are all about.

Track Listing: Black N Blue / Change / Generation Left Behind / Girls Gone Wild / When We’re Gone / Want It All / Too Young To Die / Oh Yeah! / No No No / Playin’ To Win / Hit You Like A Rock

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Too Young To Die