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Tyketto @ Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton (5/6/09)

posted 25 Jul 2011, 13:16 by Paul Woodward
I’ve seen Crimes of Passion, tonight’s support band, a number of times over the past couple of years and I’ve never taken to their music or live performances. Crimes of Passion were born out of the ashes of a great little melodic rock band called Deadline, whom I thought showed great potential with their one and only album “Mind The Step”. If you like traditional sounding Melodic Rock it’s definitely worth getting your hands on - “Out Of Reach” , “Only You” , “Love’s A Battle” & “As Of Now” are all little melodic gems!
When Deadline parted company with their singer they drafted in Dale Radcliffe and when the creative juices started flowing the band became a very different beast, darker, heavier and definitely Metal! If you like Bullet for My Valentine, Funeral for a Friend and bands of that ilk these guys may be of interest to you. Check them out at
These guys have to be one of the hardest working band going. They get out and play and they push and promote and throw a lot of passion into getting their music out there and LIVE! I wish a lot of bands I like put in half the effort these guys do. There is talent within the band, Dale does have a good set of pipes but the style of the music fails to utilise his voice to its best. Andy Lindsay is a very good guitarist and I love his previous work with Deadline…
As for tonight performance? Although it was the best I’ve heard Dale’s voice, the rest was just a wall of noise and left me disinterested and bored. Despite the fact that these guys gig a lot, their stage presence and performance is the wrong side of wooden and lacklustre. They did seem to get a decent reaction from people towards the front but I believe there were a few heckles from elsewhere, selling this brand of Metal to a Melodic Rock crowd can’t be easy.
I’ve always been a massive fan of Tyketto and Danny Vaughn and to say I was little excited about seeing them again is bit of mild understatement! You are always guaranteed a fantastic performance whenever Danny’s involved, he is one of the greatest front men in rock.
Oddly to me they kicked off with “Sail Away”, a brave choice for set opener but it worked and the crowd lapped it up! The band managed to maintain a high energy set and it was one classic Tyke tune after another. Danny utilised all the space the Wulfrun Hall stage gave him, PJ was bouncing around the stage and throwing big dirty riffs at us, Bobby Lynch going totally insane on the boards, Mike thundering the drum kit and Steve McKenna keeping the music tight on bass! These guys are hugely entertaining to watch and all that was going through my head at one point was “This is why I love Melodic Rock, it’s these moments in time, where it all comes together and we just wanna ROCK!”
Song-wise we got, “Rescue Me”, “Catch My Fall”, “Nothin But Love”, “Seasons”, “Wings”, “Forever Young”, “Lay My Body Down”, “Last Sunset” and “Burning Down Inside”…
I think everyone loves “Standing Alone” and I’m sure most Tyketto fans have affection for the song for one reason or another - I know I’ve spent many a night annoying the neighbours screeching along to it! They did it a little bit differently tonight by bringing in Bobby on the keyboards and once people clicked what it was I could see people’s reaction of “this is the one”! This song always goes down well whether there are a thousand singing along to it or a hundred.
We got a couple of tunes from the rarities CD, the Cult-ish “Big Wheels” & “Till the Summer Comes”. I can’t say I’m a big fan of either song or indeed that album but they went down well with the crowd and that’s what matters! Also, we lucky few, were the first to hear “Write Your Name in the Sky” from the “Strength in Numbers” album, LIVE on English soil!
Now there is some controversy about whether this is the real Tyketto with Michael Clayton and Danny Vaughn being the only original members from back in the day. My opinion is that I don’t give a rat’s arse, when it’s as good as it was tonight, with this talent on display, I say keep the Tyke music alive & LIVE!!!
One of the things I like about Danny is he always has great between-song banter; he always shows a great passion towards his music and music in general. He made quite a few comments about not being trendy but not caring - as long as we turned up then he’d keep playing. He also commented on the bands line-up changes and hoped they we liked them keeping the Tyke music alive regardless and that new material will be on the way! He introduced “Forever Young” by saying - “I’m 48 this year but what the hell, just like you guys I’m gonna keep rockin’ till I die”!
This put a massive grin on my face ‘cause that’s fully what I intend to do! I live in the here and now and I wanna rock! I don’t care if anyone agrees with me. I’m not following the crowd. I’m gonna enjoy what I wanna enjoy, and tonight that was watching Tyketto rockin Wolvo to the ground!
Highlights of the night were “Strength In Numbers” a fantastic chest beating rock anthem, which everyone went nuts for. This song never fails to get me buzzing, along with my favourite Tyke song “Meet me in the Night”. As soon as I heard the initial guitar riff, I felt a wry smile creep upon my face and I thought “yeah, here it comes” and they blasted through the song giving it their all - awesome!
It was fantastic gig and insanely entertaining, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!
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