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Tigertailz @ The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (16/10/10)

posted 25 Jul 2011, 15:01 by Paul Woodward
Review by Woody
Whoever organised the support bands tonight was definitely using his noggin to maximize the turn out. Amongst all the Tailz t-shirts, and the glam girls was a lot of youngsters a lot of whom were up the front ready for the mainstream rock of My Great Affliction & Dear Superstar - tonight’s support bands.

Midlands rockers, My Great Affliction, were first up and they are a band who is causing waves in the local area. I’ve not heard a bad word about them. The kids at the front lapped it up and definitely seemed to appreciate the band’s brand of emo style rock.

Stylistically these guys were never going to have me going nuts and going “whoop whoop”, but they did put on a decent performance and I did enjoy some of the songs they performed. Overall, there were a few songs which did stand out to me, but there was a few songs which were just forgettable and samey. As musicians they seem quite adept at the style they play and hopefully their song writing will grow and they will build a set of killer songs.

They definitely have the potential to break into the current rock mainstream circles; they just need the a few more killer songs to achieve it. I did really like singer Dylan’s voice and saw huge potential in the front man, but when he did the “scream” vocals so prominent in this style of music he totally lost and with a voice as good as his I’d had to restrain myself from shouting stop screeching and sing! But the kids love this screeching business. Amongst the set list we got “Tear It Up”, “Tales from a Shallow Grave”, “The 2pm Blues”, “13 Shadows”, “Call of the Vultures” & “There to Be Shot At”.

Dear Superstar storms the stage like rock stars, full of energy, enthusiasm and snorting attitude! You’d think these guys were the headliners as all the kids down the front raise the horns and the hair starts flying. Musically the band again weren’t my type of thing, but this brand of mainstream rock or emo or whatever you want to call it is insanely popular at the moment with the kids. Performance wise I was left in awe, they were full on and they got their established fans eating out of their hands.

Again the “Scream” vocals left me cold, but the screeching was left to the guitarist freeing up lead singer Micky to concentrate on singing. These guys have the look and the attitude to be major players, they just need that elusive break and they should be huge. Bullet For my Valentine and Papa Roach fans should love these guys - definitely a top notch live act without a doubt! Amongst the set list was “Anthem to My Life”, “Live, Love, Lie”, “You Glitter like Gold” & “Brink of Destruction”.

So now it was all change down the front as the Kiddies were replaced by a wall of Tailz T-shirts and scantily clad glam girls ready for the Tigertailz!

This is only my second visit to the Slade Rooms and last time I didn’t have the greatest view so I thought I’d try a different spot. Unfortunately, I ended up with an even worse view this time - one of the downsides to having a low ceiling means the stage can’t be elevated too much, so I can’t really comment much on the visual aspect of the show although, I did get bit of show but more on that later!

Now a bit of advice for anyone searching to get a good view at a gig, if you have a photographer telling you may get a better view over here...don’t say “nahh I’ll be fine here!” It’s their job to get a good view so they may be worth listening to! I should have listened to you John B! Thankfully though the crap view didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the gig!

The Tailz have always been a hard band to pigeonhole stylistically as they have evolved over the past few decades, but I suppose their Glam origins have always been ever present so that’s the best label to give them - even though their more recent work has a far heavier stance than the Glam stuff they are most famous for. Tonight is a special show celebrating the 20th anniversary of their famous glam-tastic Bezerk album, and features Sarah Firebrand on bass replacing iconic bass player Pepsi Tate who sadly passed away in 2007 and Robin Guy on drums joining Tailz stalwarts Jay Pepper - Guitars & Kim Hooker - Vocals.

The last time I saw the Tailz I wasn’t blown away by the performance they were ok but it wasn’t the best show I’d ever seen. Tonight, on the other hand though was totally different, there were far more hardcore Tailz here and they were making their voices heard and that created a fantastic atmosphere.

I think this venue agreed with the band and the roar of the crowd definitely got the best of the band as they put on barnstorming musical performance. I think band chose a good set list, and their wasn’t a single lull in the atmosphere the band created, I think the older material go the best reactions, but many fans did call for more recent songs. The Tailz fans are intensely loyal and loving of the band, and the crowd seemed to love every minute of this is quick fire, high energy full force rock n roll show the Tailz seem to have been born to do!

They played “Sick Sex”, “Wazbones”, “I Can Fight Dirty Too”, “Natural Born Fighter”, “Love Overload”, “Long Live the New Flesh”, “Living Without You” & “Dirty Needles”. Kim dedicated their fan favourite ballad “Heaven” obviously to the late great Pepsi Tate, but also to Phil Kennemore of Y&T who is currently battling cancer, which I thought this was a nice touch and the fans responded respectfully.

My highlights of the set were the sing-along metal mayhem of “Tear Your F***ing Heart Out”. The roar from the crowd throughout this song summed up just what a killer song this is - a real rabble rousing live classic. Having said that though, the melodic rock goodness of “Twist & Shake” pressed all the right buttons me and the band played it perfectly real ear candy and this old nugget sent the crowd nuts!

So going back to the visual show I did get, a show even my Tog John Bentley asked me the following day if I’d recovered from! As stood in front of me for most of the Tailz set were too scantily clad young glam girls who seemed to be having their night of their lives dancing and err...stuff. Now normally you have to pay for this stuff down Spearmint Rhino’s (not that I would know personally *cough*) but the way these very attractive girls were enjoying the night would normally cost extra down the Rhino’s. I have to admit I felt guilty for not at least thanking them post show. Although the girls should just be glad I wasn’t drinking cause if I had used the “Hey Ladies, I’ve found a pole feel free to use it” line it probably wouldn’t have gone down very well!

The band came back for an encore to whoops and cheers to perform “Shoot To Kill” and there most well know song “Love Bomb Baby” which of course had all the Tailz nutters going err….nuts… bananas!

A fantastic show from a band who seem rejuvenated and re-energized. Definitely a band to go and see live especially if they sneak more of those old glam nuggets into their set! I’m sure these guys will go down a storm at their appearance at the upcoming Hard Rock Hell Festival.