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Seven Dayz @ The Tackeroo, Hendesford (31/7/09)

posted 25 Jul 2011, 13:31 by Paul Woodward

I’ve only been to the Tackeroo once before and I have to say it’s a great small rock venue, hopefully I’ll be seeing more bands there in the future! But tonight I’m back at the Tack to see Midlands based Melodic Rock band SevenDayz , who are signed to American label Kivel Records, SD’s debut album should be due to drop this autumn.

I’ve been following the band since catching them support Danny Vaughn @ JB’s a few years back, but each time I’ve seen them LIVE they seem to get better & better. Not just in their performances, but in the constant improvement in the quality of their songs. Whilst not being a household name I’m expecting the band to create some waves with their debut album, and I hope they can get onto a high profile support slot in the future. I think they would be perfect support for fellow British AOR-sters FM next year!

They kicked off with “Signs”, with its atmospheric intro being a great choice to open the set before it expands into a full force rocker, with a thumping bass line and a killer guitar riff. It’s a song that has grown on me over time and as the band threw themselves into it and their performance was a “Sign” of things to come (groan!). They received a great response from a small but appreciative audience, there were obviously a fair few locals out for a good night of Rock N Roll, and who were open to hearing something new!

As a relatively new band they have to throw in a few covers to get gigs on rock nights at venues. I think they blended the covers and original material to keep everyone happy.  Although having said that, the original material got just as loud cheers and claps as the covers!

Cover song wise they whipped out Tyketto’s “Forever Young”, Journey’s “Stone In Love”, Hardline’s “Hot Cherie” & Thin Lizzy’s “Waiting For an Alibi”. Of all their covers, a rather strange choice probably got the best reaction - Anastasia’s “Left Outside Alone”, which got a lot of people up dancing and singing! I’ve heard the band do this a few times and they have without doubt made it their own, should they ever do a cover on an album this would have to be the one!

My only complaint about their choice of covers was their version of Thunder’s “Love Walked In”. Whilst the band performed it well and it went down a storm with most people - cue dancing rock chicks! Danny Bowes has a grittier vocal style perfect for blues rock akin to Paul Rodgers. Whereas John Hampton (SevenDayz’ singer) has a smoother vocal style perfect for AOR/Melodic Rock, so for me the song didn’t hit home. Although judging by other people’s reactions I would’ve got a slap for saying such twaddle.

I was here mainly for the original SevenDayz stuff, and I have to say the sound at the Tack was really good. They had a big beefy sound (or was it just really LOUD!!!) which helped bring some balls to their rockers, like “Feels So Good” , “Say You Will” and the full on swagger of  “Do Me Again”.

They played a song called “Strange Girl“, which was very dark and moody - the jury is still out on this one for me - but it went down really well with the audience late on in the set!

The last time I saw the band they opened with a song called “Natural” and I felt it died without a trace, and wasn’t a good choice to open. Moving the song to the second half of the set is pure genius, the song now has more impact and I can quite easily say is probably one of the bands best songs with a huge infectious chorus and melody, believe me you’ll struggle to not end up singing along!

I got a real shock when John announced “Screaming” - a song I’d heard before and loved - when he said it was actually a slightly changed version of an old song called “Talk To The Hand”.  Now the shock here is I hated that song with a passion, it’s amazing what a few minor changes can do! One of their heavier songs with driving guitars and a thundering rhythm section!

My highlight of the set had to be the AOR-tastic “Talk To Me”, with its huge chorus and full-on infectious melodies, I have to say there is some amazing melodic guitar playing on this. Who says the British can’t do AOR? It doesn’t get much better than this!

I have to admit I was hoping to hear the  wonderful ballad “Honestly” & “Best She Can” , but the band plumped for a full on ROCK N ROLL show tonight and that obviously went down well! A band I’m sure given the right exposure and support , will be on the road to bigger things!

They finished the evening with two encore’s , yes they got dragged back for two! So they wrapped up proceedings with excellent version’s of cult melodic rockers Von Groove’s “Once is Not Enough” and  Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night”!

I have to give a BIG thank you to the group of birds who spent most the night dancing by me, for making this review SO hard by distracting the hell outta me, what is it about leather?……god I love rock chicks…..

I like bands who put on a performance and have good banter with the audience regardless of how small or large the turn-out. SevenDayz do this, and John has a jovial rapport whilst onstage. Whilst the Tack stage isn’t the biggest, all the band, made use of what room they had, John really threw himself into the front man role - I kept waiting for him to ask Cannock to scream for him - hahaha!

It was really interesting to see Steve Grocutt & “Irish” Dave Wasson trade solo’s and lead guitar duties. They are a hugely entertaining band to watch, and I recommend everyone goes and checks them out when they play near you soon. If it’s after the album comes out remember to take a tenner to get the album after the show - believe me you’ll want it!

I got a chance to speak with most the band, who are all a great bunch of easygoing guys, and they all have a great passion for their music and that shows in how they perform their original material. A hard working band who definitely deserve a few breaks as they have created some great songs and are already half way through writing a second album!

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