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House Of Lords @ JB's Dudley (4/11/09)

posted 25 Jul 2011, 13:57 by Paul Woodward

It’s been a very busy week for me with 4 gigs in 5 days, not sure whether my ear-drums will ever forgive me, but I wasn’t going to miss melodic rock heroes House Of Lords!

When I got to JB’s the security guy asks me if I’d actually been home or if I’d been camping on the Car park as this was 3 nights on the bounce I was there! Cue nervous laughter and some assurance that the tent with “Woody on Tour 31st Oct - 4th Nov” on the side of it at the back of the car park wasn’t mine.

KANE’D are the support band for all of House Of Lords European tour dates. I had checked the band out previously on mySpace and was really intrigued to catch this band live. This young Welsh band are fronted by three female singers, all with the surname Kane (and presumably sisters) - hence the band name. Musically they remind me of Vanilla Ninja only heavier and with shit load more Rock N Roll attitude. I was really impressed with not only the songs they gave us but also in their performance, which they really gave their all too. They made the stage their own and were extremely entertaining, dancing & strutting round the stage, full of rock n roll swagger. The girls showed a great love and passion towards Rock music and not just their own – this really warmed me to them as well as their raw and honest performances.

Prior to the show I was worried that the band may be a little too “Girl Band” with three vocalists, but these girls’ attitudes threw any worry of that straight out the window within 30 seconds of them hitting the stage. All the girls share the vocals, but having three vocalists also allows the band to create great harmonies and melodies, to compliment the hard edged rock created by the rest of the band. Also the fact that all the girls are extremely beautiful doesn’t do the band any harm either (I have a favourite but I ain’t saying shhhh…..!) These guys definitely have a marketable image and given the right media exposure could do very well indeed. I really love the energy of the band!

In the set we got Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” - although I had a moment of panic when I thought they said they were going to do a Billy Joel song. The girls have strong Welsh accents you see, is this the right time to mention I love women with strong regional accents? I feel their pain as no one understands my accent either! We also got “Frozen”, “It Hurts” & “Don’t Be Stupid”. My favourite songs of their set were the infectious “Fuck You”, “Rock against the DJ” and set closer - the commercial as hell - “So Lonely”!

Keep an eye out for this lot!

I had heard that ticket sales had been very low for tonight and I think there are various reasons for this including the intense amount of recent local gigs within the genre. So HOUSE OF LORDS didn’t get to play to a massive crowd, which they so duly deserve. The smaller audience did create a really relaxed and intimate atmosphere, which I really liked especially after the intensity of my previous three gigs this week. It was obvious that everyone there were hardcore House of Lords fans and were making the most of this rare appearance here in the Black Country and showing the band lots of love and appreciation.

James Christian is a commanding front man, who works the crowd well whilst striving for perfection in his vocals, he’s an old school rocker giving the fans there money’s worth! Rob Marcello (Danger Danger) was drafted into replace Jimi Bell on guitar who was unavailable for the tour, whilst not the most animated of on-stage characters his playing was pure perfection, and he did get someone to get James that glass of Red Wine eventually. What can I say we’re all tight round here!

BJ Zampa, probably the unsung hero of the performance did a great job on the drums. Chris McCarvill on bass probably gave the most enthusiastic and energetic performance of the night, although as James pointed out “This is what happens when you drink Jack Daniels”. He seemed to enjoy himself and got the small audience to join in with the band.

We got a well chosen set list which took songs from their extensive back catalogue dating back to 1988. Kicking off with “Sahara” and its atmospheric intro, before going into “Talkin about Love?” from their Demons Down album. “SOS America” was up next highlighting some of the things I love about this band, with its huge melodic chorus which the band manages to deliver faultlessly to us. Also in the set we got “Cartesian Dreams” , “I Don’t Wanna Wait All Night” , “I’m Free” , “Come To My Kingdom” , “Rock Bottom” , “Pleasure Palace” & “Slip Of The Tongue”.

“Born to be my Baby” from the new album Cartesian Dreams went down exceptionally well with people singing along and when they kicked into “I Wanna Be Loved” it got met by a great cheer from everyone. MTV Hit ballad “Love Don’t Lie” was one of the highlights of the evening and was one of the very few quiet moments amongst a high energy set. It was good to see so many newer songs going down so well, like “One Foot in the Dark” & “Never Never Look Back”. Both these song are great examples of House of Lords at their best with huge memorable choruses and melodies which the entire band bring excellently to life tonight. James dedicates “Your Eyes” from the World Upside Down album to a member of the audience and is met by cheers of appreciation.

My highlight has to be their performance of “Bangin” which was just great, full on Rock N Roll fun time, with its infectious chorus and good time buzz, try not singing along to this subtly dirty as hell tune! They finish with “These Are the Times” as their encore, which I thought was a great choice to finish on and left every face around me suitably satisfied.

The band gave a great professional performance albeit to a small audience and to be honest if you weren’t there you really did miss out! Hopefully this low turnout will not deter the band from returning to Europe again, as they are a fantastic live act! Next time around go see these guys!
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