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Gun @ Civic Hall Bar, Wolverhampton (21/6/09)

posted 25 Jul 2011, 13:20 by Paul Woodward
Liberty Lies

Very young Black Country band Liberty Lies, take to the stage shortly after doors opening, to an initially small crowd. They are a modern hard rock band with bluesy classic rock traits and these guys definitely get two massive thumbs up on performance and enthusiasm!

Although they had limited stage space this didn’t stop them throwing themselves around and although the audience response was limited they seemed to enjoy themselves! Definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future and I was quiet impressed with the lead guitarist’s playing!

They do need to write a few more stand-out songs though as some of the songs just blended into one another, but “The Burning Ashes”,  probably the highlight of their set, shows the talent this young band have.
You can catch them at various venues across the West Midlands.

Voodoo Johnson
I’ve been wanting to see Voodoo Johnson for a while now, but for one reason or another never have. The band has built up quite a reputation as a solid live act with some excellent modern rock songs, with huge classic rock influences!  After just one song I was totally struck by how good these guys, and if they continue to develop their already exceptional stage presence they are surely going to be massive!

They received an amazing reaction from the crowd, it’s very rare to see a virtually unknown support band get such an amazing response, which just shows the quality of the material these guys were throwing at us!  I particularly liked “Dirty Angel” & “Bad Habit”, but it’s hard to say which particular songs went down well with the crowd as every song garnered whoops , cheers and claps.

After a resounding YES from the crowd when asked if they wanted one more, we were treated to an interesting cover of Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better”, it shouldn’t have worked but it did! I suspect big things are coming this bands way soon.

You next see Voodoo Johnson at Guilfest or at the BullDog Bash

I’d seen GUN last year at a special warm up gig at the Tackeroo in Hendesford, so I already knew singer Toby Jepson does the old Gun material justice, so I was rather excitable and anticipating what the set may contain tonight. I wasn’t disappointed the guys put on an amazing performance jumping about the stage and dancing like it was 1994 all over again! Toby Jepson is great at getting the crowd involved and getting into an upbeat rockin’ mood!

They kicked off with “Welcome To the Real World” and then delivered a set comprising songs from all the band’s first three albums including “Shame On You” , “Money To Burn” , “Steal Your Fire” , “Don’t Say It’s Over”, “Can’t Get Any Lower” , “Better Days”  & “Money (Everybody Loves Her)”.

There were obviously a lot of hardcore Gun fans in the crowd and a lot of people who have waited a long time to see this band live on stage again. The reactions to each and every song was phenomenal, with the crowd singing almost every word back at the band and jumping and dancing around as their own personal favourite got an airing!

Toby mentioned during the set, that although things had gone a bit slower than anticipated, GUN were back and new music followed an extensive tour would be coming very soon. In fact Gun have just announced an 16 date tour of the UK, with Nottingham’s Rock City and Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms on the agenda! So with new music on the way the band treat us to a new song “Let Your Hair Down” which was an excellent slice of pop punk with an infectious guitar riff from Giuliano Gizzi. If this is a sign of things to come Toby’s promise to come back to Wolverhampton and play the Main Hall may not be a fantasy!

Highlights of the night have to include “Taking on the world”, with its slow build and explosive mid-song kick which got the crowd all worked up and singing along. The catchy as hell “Inside Out” helped keep the crowd buzzing and singing along and then they blew the roof off with an amazing performance of “Seems Like I’m Losing You”, with everyone’s hands held high and singing the words back at Toby! They finished the set with what else but their biggest hit “Word Up”!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Toby Jepson is a fantastic singer and he really does the old songs justice. Don’t take my word for it though go out and catch these guys on the road in November, you won’t be disappointed!

All in all a fantastic night of music with an incredible atmosphere and a welcome return of one the best British rock bands ever!

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