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Steve Brown of Trixter

posted 6 Jul 2015, 09:56 by Paul Woodward

Trixter rose to fame in the early nineties with hits such as ‘Give It To Me Good’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘One In A Million’. But when the rock scene shifted drastically a few years after they sprung onto the scene the band went their separate ways and after a long absence they reunited for live shows and ultimately recording new music. Following hot on the heels of ‘New Audio Machine’ their new album ‘Human Era’ is poised to keep rockers happy upon its release. Woody talks to lead guitarist Steve Brown about the new rejuvenated era of Trixter.

Trixter had been absent from the music scene for over twenty years prior to your comeback album ‘New Audio Machine’ and here we are anticipating the release of the follow up ‘Human Era’. What inspired the bands reformation and song writing productivity?

It was only a matter of time before we got back together after taking a vacation. 2007 brought us back into Trixter world. It was very easy putting it back together because we never had any personal issues to deal with. I made a few phone calls and then we were off  to the races. Our first shows were in 2008 and the band was really kicking ass. I knew at some point we would make a new CD. As a producer and songwriter I'm always working on music. When I came up with song ‘Dirty Love’ I knew that tune would launch the new Trixter and it did. ‘New Audio Machine’ was a great record and it gave us a renewed confidence to keep making NEW music!

Now the new album is ready for release has it turned out as you had originally hoped?

Human Era’ came out better than we all imagined. As we were working on it we knew we had some moments of brilliance but it wasn't until it was done that we knew we made a kick ass record. We are so proud of it!

During song writing do you feel pressure to write in a style similar to the bands early days? Or does the writing flow more naturally?

With Trixter we don't kid ourselves into thinking we are something we are not. We are a Classic Melodic Hard Rock Band, this makes writing easy for me. It's my favourite kind of music to write and that awesome is on the records. From our debut in 1990 to our latest "Human Era" We sound like 100 proof Trixter. All killer no filler

I do hear a lot of modern pop rock touches in your new albums, is this an intentional updating of the Trixter sound? 

 It comes from the fact that we all have different influences and we like to throw in some of that. To be honest I’m just trying to be Mutt Lange. Always trying to get to ‘Hysteria’ level with our production! Modern Pop was designed by Mutt ya know!

 Can you tell us about a few of the songs on ‘Human Era’, the meanings behind them or any stories of interest to fans?

‘Rockin’ To The Edge Of The Night’ is one of older songs from 1987, the show opener back then. I revised it and it's now 3:52 seconds of Trixter perfection, like ‘Give It To Me Good’ it's an instant classic. ‘For You’ is inspired by the mighty Van Halen. It's total drum and guitar mania. Our first ever double bass drumming tune, Mark Scott kicks ass on it. The song is about how lucky we are to be in Trixter it's a song for our friends and fans.

‘Beats Me Up’ is a very heartfelt power ballad. Pete Loran sings an incredible vocal on it. A song about being away from the ones you love. ‘Midnight In Your Eyes’ is one of the heavier tunes on the CD. Big riffs, Def Leppard inspired vocals, crushing to say the least.

I’d love to see Trixter live here in the UK? Is there any chance of that happening?

 We would love to tour the UK, but we haven't been given any solid offers from Promoters. I was given my first UK experience this past September when I played the legendary Wembley Stadium with Def Leppard. I loved London and hope Trixter gets a chance to rock out there again!

When you do play live what are your favourite songs to perform?

I love playing all of our songs, they are all written with the live show in mind. We are playing some of the new tunes as well. They fit in perfect. The fans will love them.

Is playing live important to you or do you prefer the song writing and recording process?

 I love both, you need both to survive. Without a stellar song and recording you won't get the chance to play live. Trixter gives 200% in what we do.

Which Trixter song from the early days are you most proud of and why?

 I would say ‘Give It To Me Good’ it was the song that turned us into rock stars and changed our lives forever. It's the reason after 30 years together we still get to play live and make records.

What are the plans for the band following the release of ‘Human Era’?

Play live and rock the masses. We have about 15 dates booked so far in USA.

 Is there anything else you would like to add or say to Fireworks readers?

 Thank you for all the years of support and cheers to all of our fans. We are so proud of ‘Human Era’ we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!