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Paul Logue (Eden's Curse)

posted 7 Oct 2013, 10:24 by Paul Woodward
Hi Paul, I hope your well! Eden’s Curse are about to unleash their fourth album ‘Symphony Of Sin’. There has been many changes and a shit load of turmoil surrounding the Curse since your last album, so what can fans expect from the latest Curse opus?

“Hi Woody, I'm well thanks buddy. We are very pleased with it and I know it sounds so cliched, but we really feel this is our best work yet. The buzz within the band itself has been quite unlike any record we have made before. I think we have grown as a band and we are very comfortable with what we do now. I think the album sounds like classic Eden's Curse but with an obvious new flavour that no-one has ever tasted before. It's fresh, it's vibrant, it's exciting and it's 100% us.”


Did you ever consider changing the name of the band after co-founder Michael Eden left the band? He was of course a big part of the band and played a vital role in song writing and the sound of the Curse overall. Given his outspoken nature, and he has been very vocal since his departure, did you ever think the easiest thing to do would be to continue under a different name?
“Actually, on the contrary, Michael never wrote a single original song idea from scratch in the whole time he was in Eden's Curse. These were all my songs that I had written myself or worked with Pete or Thorsten on. He would maybe change a word here and there in general. His voice obviously was a big part of the sound just as Thorsten's guitars sound is. But, as for changing the name, absolutely not! Eden isn't his real name anyway - it's Michael Brobeck and he was previously known as Michael St. Allen in an old band. He created his “stage name” after we gave the band its name. When he quit, on his own accord, the remaining members discussed it for like ten seconds ... "Do we carry on"? We unanimously agreed that we had come too far and had too much left to say and achieve before throwing in the towel. It was his decision to leave not ours. We asked him to stay and he refused. So rolling over and dying or starting from scratch again was just simply not a choice for us. It worked for Iron Maiden when Dianno left and there is a reason for that.”


You have a new vocalist Serbian Nikola Mijic, who has a very different style to his predecessor, how did you find him and why did you decide to bring him into the band?

“When we parted company with Marco Sandron (our 2nd vocalist) we decided to hold some public online auditions, similar to what Dragonforce did, and even though the quality received was very high indeed, we were looking for that certain "je ne sais quoi". I was researching on the internet through various media streams and happened to be browsing on the website of Lion Music, who have some killer bands. I came across Dreyelands and liked what I heard from their singer. I jumped to Facebook to see if he had a profile and lo and behold, he did. I reached out to Nikola and invited him to audition, which he did. We worked on several older Eden's Curse songs before giving him a brand new tune, which grew into 'Evil & Divine'. His versatility as a vocalist is immense – he can sing anything – from the lighter Journey type stuff to the Prog Metal of Symphony X. We invited him because primarily he is a fantastic singer, but more importantly a lovely guy who really fits with what this band is all about.”


I had thought you may have looked for a replacement in the UK, as the multi-national nature of the band has seemed to hinder the band in the past, so I thought a UK vocalist may have solved some issues. Did you ever consider this when looking for a vocalist and were there any UK vocalists in the running?

“I wouldn't say hinder. We have played 18 shows in the UK, which is more than some bands based in this country. However, yes, finding a UK based vocalist was top of our list and we auditioned many of them. Even though some of the auditions were very good it wasn't quite what we were looking for. So, no, we did not progress with any UK based singers beyond their initial auditions.”


You have also parted company with uber-talented keyboard god Alessandro Del Vecchio; this is of course an amicable decision with Ale been so damn busy with various projects and studio work at the moment. Do you miss him been part of the band and correct me if I’m wrong but he did play on ‘Symphony of Sin’?

Alessandro's is a success story to be celebrated as he had become so busy with his career as a mixing engineer. He said to us, "Guys, you deserve to have someone who can focus all of their time on Eden's Curse". In all honesty, we expected it, as we could see it coming; and for him, his dreams have come true, so we couldn't be happier for him. Alessandro was very much loved in the band, and his talent is there for all to see. We wished him all the luck in the world and parted on great terms, and in fact he actually recommended we talk to Steve Williams, as his band Power Quest had just called it a day. No, he did not play on the album. It is all Steve.


Yes; you have hooked up with another amazing keyboard player, as you say, in Steve Williams who most people will know for the mighty PowerQuest. He definitely has the right background to fit nicely into the Curse fold, how did you get Steve in the band?

Steve had actually auditioned for the band back in 2009 when Ferdy Doernberg left (after the second album), and was only beaten by Alessandro and his magnificent voice. We have remained good friends since and have used each other as a sounding board on many  matters as our bands turned in the same circles, so our relationship grew from there. It was a very natural decision to ask Steve as he is a great player, songwriter and person. Once he heard the new demos it was a no brainer to him and he has walked in and fit like a glove, because he is so affable and 100% a team player.”


And as a massive fan of his keyboard heavy song writing will he be involved in the song writing in the future?
“Absolutely. Eden's Curse is very much a team effort and writing is open to all. I'm a big fan of Steve's writing too and I'm genuinely excited to see what we can produce together.”


Listening to ‘Symphony Of Sin’ I really do think I’m listening to a different band, I think it’s a tad more commercial than in the past, which is why I find Steve joining the band ironic because PowerQuest were famous for been ultra-melodic for a power metal band. What has the song process been like this time? Was the feel and change I’m hearing intentional?

“Well, Steve joined too to be involved in the writing, so all the songs were written by myself, Pete and Thorsten. “Trinity” was such a big album for us, so we had to make sure that this one too was a complete knock out and we deliberately pushed ourselves and each other harder during the writing sessions. Thorsten, myself and Pete wouldn't accept the first idea that came forward if any one of us thought that the idea could be bettered in any way. We went back to the drawing board multiple times on each of these songs and it really shows in my opinion. This also demonstrates how comfortable we are working with each other, because we would not let personal gain get in the way of "the song". We would only say "done" when everyone was truly happy with every part, thus enabling us to write the best batch of songs that we could.”


I adore ‘Unbreakable’ probably the most commercial thing the Curse has ever recorded. Listening to the lyrics I can’t help feeling this song is about the changes and turmoil faced by the band in recent times, am I looking too deeply into it or coming to the wrong conclusion?

“Thanks and you are absolutely correct! It's a song that holds a special place in my heart and I think it really has some cross over potential. “Unbreakable” started as a musical idea from Thorsten which I chopped up with him to create the arrangement you hear today, and then I began working on the lyrics and vocal melodies alongside Pete. It's a song that really came from the heart and speaks of the brotherly bond that existed between the three of us, and Alessandro at the time. It really is a song of positivity and rising above the negativity and adversity and keeping your spirit and vision strong to focus on that better day that will eventually come. I don't mind admitting that when I received the final mix from Dennis Ward I wept with joy. It was the culmination of two years of sheer hard times and work, summed up in a five minute melodic moment, swept away in the emotions.”


Can you talk us through some of the other songs on ‘Symphony of Sin’? Are there any stories or meanings behind the songs fans would like to hear?

When writing the title track the news was littered with stories of child abduction, murders, terrorist attacks and the London riots, which saw everyday people looting shops, simply because they could. It got me questioning, as a parent and someone with moral standards, what kind of a world we live in today. This tidal wave of bad behaviour, “want it now” culture and the obsession with becoming famous to me is like a wall of sinful noise. I switched around noise to symphony.”

“Break The Silence is an ancient timestale about an idiot King surrounded by idiot advisors who eventually lost everything that he had through poor choices and chasing the glory...”

Evil & Divine” is a story based upon the tale of the watchers - a group of rebellious angels who watched over the human race. They fell in love with becoming human and decided to leave heaven and come to earth. They began partnering humans and sharing knowledge that the human race should discover over years ... ultimately leading to trouble. We made a cool video for this - (”

Fallen From Grace” was inspired by the fall of one of my heroes; there is a clue in the lyrics if you look close enough, but I'll leave it there.”

Losing My Faithis is written about the City of Juarez in Mexico - the city of the dead. Drug gangs control the streets and there are multiple murders every single day, yet no one says a thing. It's questioning someone's faith in such circumstances and is them asking God "Did you abandon me, what did you do to me"? I wrote this after watching Ross Kemp On Gangs In Mexico‘ and there were around 40 odd murders whilst he was there. It struck me how cheap the price of life was viewed.”

Rock Bottom” is about the end of a relationship and it has some personal meaning to one of the band members. It's a song that everyone can relate to.”

Great Unknown” is a look at my philosophy in life. There is no compensation in playing it safe, so take a risk now and again.  Have belief and faith in what you do in then you can cultivate the ability to succeed. If you have a vision, and I mean a real vision, then you have the catalysts. Go ahead and be the artist on your own canvas ... no magic hand is gonna appear out of thin air and paint it for you.”

Turn The Page” is about moving on. As the song says "We forgive and forget". Too much energy is wasted on negative thoughts and acts of vengeance, why? Being an adult is about understanding that when you take action there is usually an outcome to that. Stand by the decisions you make and be happy about them, but let others be happy too. Life doesn't work out for various reasons, so what. Turn the page and let it go.”

Sign Of The Cross”. I originally wrote this for David Readman‘s (Pink Cream 69) solo album and every album the guys have asked me to record it. But for some reason I fell out of love with it. This time it was right. Lyrically, it's actually about a Papal Conclave and the responsibility on the shoulders of the person who is successful in being chosen.”

Wings To Fly” is a song of hope and about moving forward with positivity. Everyone has the power to unleash their true potential and it's all about finding out how to tap into that. I originally intended to submit this song for the new Place Vendome album, but when I heard it I thought, “No Way, I'm keeping this.”

Devil In Disguise” is an old testament tale of the whore of Babylon. It's something I fell across when researching subjects to right about and it inspired me.”

“And finally, “Where Is The Love?” This is similar to “Symphony Of Sin” in a way, as it's an observation on the world we live in today. Where is the love nowadays? Where is that human decency of helping those that need to be helped? Everyone is so wrapped up in self gratification that it's cultivating a generation who don't know what it means to hold their hand out to someone who needs it.”


You are of course performing at Firefest in October, what should people expect from that Eden’s Curse show?

Firefest will be a big party atmosphere and a chance for a good sing along, so we will be playing songs from all four Eden's Curse albums, especially our most popular tunes. And we will also perform three tracks from "Symphony Of Sin" with maybe a little surprise thrown in for good measure!”


Do you plan to tour this album after that? And do you have any live dates or Festivals lined up that you can tell us about?

“Yes, but nothing lined up yet. We are just starting discussions with our Management and some booking agents to plan tour dates in the UK and Europe for 2014. We ideally want to do a club headline tour in the UK for sure and will be reaching out to the major summer festivals. We can't wait to get back out on the road with the new material and that is really the big aim this year, to get out and play. We want to make an impact on the live scene, and now we are all based in Europe there is no excuse now.”


Is there anything else you would like to add or say to the Midlands Rocks readers?

Thanks to all our fans who‘ve stuck by us knowing that one day we would rise again. It has been a difficult couple of years for Eden's Curse but I can assure you that we are back bigger and better than ever before. We stand here united, together as one, and we are UNBREAKABLE! See you all on the road in 2014!!!”