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Paul Hume (Lawless)

posted 5 Sep 2013, 05:10 by Paul Woodward
Hailing from North Staffordshire UK melodic metal act Lawless have just unleashed their debut album ‘Rock Savage’.  Woody caught up with front man Paul Hume to discuss all things ‘Heavy Metal Heaven’

Hi Paul, can you tell us a bit about your new band Lawless, what the line-up is, how you got together and how you describe your music style?

Sure we have a great line-up; we have Neil Ogden of the band Demon on drums, Howie G from Persian Risk on guitars, Tabbie Williams from Headrush on bass and me on vocals and rhythm guitar. I also play lead guitar in Demon, Neil and myself have played together for many years in differing bands and I know he's a great song writer, so when he asked me if I fancied doing some stuff, just me and him, I thought yeah we always work well together so why not! We wrote the album and demo'd the tracks ourselves with an eye to putting the band together when we felt we could get the right players, so first we got Tabbie in who's a good friend we've known him for a few years and we thought long and hard about a guitarist and knew that Howie G would fit the bill, if you've heard him you know what I mean he is an exceptional player and a huge talent in the industry, a really genuine guy. We rehearsed the album before recording it to see how we played together and even though I say so myself you're in for a treat, style wise I guess we've got lots of influences ,Dio, Y&T, Gotthard, Whitesnake, Saxon, Sabbath I think if you put all those together you kind of come up with our sound.

You were originally called Rokk Savage, why did you change your name and why did you settle on Lawless?

Names don't you just love them! I guess in the end we just though Rokk Savage was too heavy. Lawless is such a simple name and when we put it about everybody thought it was ace.

Your debut album Rock Savage is due out on Escape music on 19th July. Can you tell us who the principal songwriters are and what the song writing process for the band is?

Neil and I wrote all the tracks on the album; Neil normally demos all the tracks from beginning to end guitars, drums, bass etc... then gives it to me he's a prolific writer so I can have loads to choose from, I generally pick the tracks that are a bit unusual and stick out to me, then I write the tunes verse chorus etc and all the
lyrics, we work well together that way

Can you tell us about a few of the songs that will feature on Rock Savage how they were written and any stories or meanings behind the songs?

One song that immediately comes to mind is Metal Time; it has a lot of meaning to me and probably every metal fan in the world. Can you remember that moment when you first heard metal music? I can remember where I was, who the band was and what the song was, I was 13 at the time still at school and I think every metal fan has

Probably had that moment and can still remember it vividly and were also probably still at school. That’s what Metal Time is about being one of the few metals fans at school and the odd one out, growing your hair long, being different than the rest and not caring what anybody else thinks, not been able to wait until the school bell rings to get away and listen to the music you love, still applies today!

You have announced an album launch show at the Green Star in Stoke on August 15th. What can fans expect from Lawless live?

As I said before we've all played in bands at various levels for years so we are hard earned pro players who love to play live, it’s probably the one thing we love above all else, playing live and meeting the fans, as one of our songs says it’s going to be "heavy metal heaven"

Do you have any other live dates or Festivals lined-up you can tell us about?

No other dates at the moment though loads of things in the pipeline, we've concentrated on getting the album finely tuned and out there, now the real fun begins!

What bands are you currently enjoying and is there anyone you’d love to support or tour with?

There’s some great new bands out there, Eclipse from Sweden, H.E.A.T, Wet, I like Sixx AM's latest offering as well. Neil and I are great fans of all rock music but we especially love Y&T it would be ace to tour with them. Of course we'd love to tour with any of our heroes BRING IT ON.

How do you see the current British rock scene?

Thankfully there are still some great magazines and webzines, like you still supporting the classic rock scene. I think it’s on the up, lots of young bands are now releasing albums in the classic rock style I think people who loved it in the 80's have been locked away for a few years with kids and mortgages but now the kids are all grown up they want to rock again! You can NEVER keep a good thing down and as we all know the one thing better than listening to your favourite band is going to see them so definitely the live scenes on the up as well.

Is there anything else you would like to add or say to Fireworks readers?

Sure if you get a chance come and see us live and say hello, check out our website for all the info and keep on believing, this is METAL TIME!!