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Linda and the Punch

posted 1 Jun 2014, 16:45 by Paul Woodward
Interview by Woody

Linda and The Punch will be a new name to most, but they roll in prestigious company most notably their producer Michael Voss and are set to cause a stir with the release of their debut album ‘Obsession’ on Escape Music. Woody tracked down front woman Linda to talk to her about all things rock n roll!

Hey Linda, has your debut album ‘Obsession’ turned out as you hoped it would when you first started writing and recording it?

Yes. To say the truth I am really satisfied with the result and the development of the records. It has been a long way, two years to complete the work and we hope that the people enjoy listening to our music.

What were your inspirations that drove you to create a rock album in this style?

What I wanted to do was to create a kind of “fresh” and “wild” rock album. I was inspired by different musicians like Pink and Bon Jovi, but especially influenced by my amazing Songwriters like Michael Voss, Jeff Franzel, Steve McEwan and Hermann Rarebell but particularly by Tommy Denander, with whose lyrics and compositions I could totally identify.

How did you get together and start working with your band ‘The Punch’?

That was actually because of Michael Voss. He introduced the boys to each other during the productions and they did an amazing job in the studio. We grew a lot during recording.

Is their story behind the choosing of the name of the band ‘The Punch’?

We searched for a name that expresses what kind of music we are doing. The name “The Punch” refers to our rock-music: a music with hard hitting choruses and powerful riffs that hopefully wakes up the listeners.

You have worked with some really big names in melodic rock on ‘Obsession’, like Tommy Denander and your producer Michael Voss? How did you end up working with these guys and were you a fan of their music prior to working with them?

Michael was a constant companion all the way. He was a school friend of my dad and a friend of the family since I can remember. He has always believed in me and motivated me to keep on working hard and included me in many projects of different artists. He gave me the possibility to work in the studio and supported me whenever it was necessary. He is a good friend of mine and I really look up to what he’s achieved in the music business, working hard.

Michael also established contact with Tommy Denander, and like I already mentioned I was impressed by his lyrics and compositions from the outset.

Can you talk to us about a few of the songs on ‘Obsession’, any stories behind them or which are your favourites and why?

Cold cold world. I think Cold cold world is a really strong song. Especially the lyrics filled me. The song is quite critical, alluding to the superficiality in world and the insecurity and inadequate trust resulting from that. The message is that only LOVE is what lasts and what we have to maintain in that cold cold world...and I definitely agree with that!

Nothing of Anything. This song means a lot to me, because I wrote the lyrics and therefore identify with it. The song talks about confusion in life and the situation of not been able to escape from thoughts. It describes that sometimes it is impossible to get away from the „Bullshit” in your head, although you know that it doesn´t make sense to think about it over and over again, because finally it is “Nothing of Anything”.

You have covered the Patti Smith classic ‘Because The Night’, why did you pick this song to cover?

It´s simple. I really love that song! It belongs to the “rock-history “and accompanied me all way through my musical development. Therefore I choose to cover it and tried to arrange the song in a new way.

Do you have any live dates planned? And is there any chance of you hitting the UK for some shows?

We definitely plan to play live from June onwards. From the beginning, we are planning to perform in Germany, but would love to get the possibility to hit some shows in Europe, especially in UK, also because of our amazing label “Escape Music”.

Do you enjoy performing live or do you prefer the more creative side of music in the writing and recording process?

I prefer performing live on stage and to be in touch with people. That´s actually what music is about. The stage performance makes it possible to share your work with people, if it´s just with one person or 1000 people. I do love the studio work too, but to live and feel music on stage with your band behind you is just incredible.

You’re very much at the beginning of your musical career how would you like things to go from here on out?

Hmmm... That is a really good question. I am more that kind of person that lives in the moment and not planning the future, because no one can plan it and with music it is even more difficult. But I will definitely keep on going my way. I would love to play a lot of concerts with my band, writing lyrics and to develop myself as an artist along the way. I think the most important thing is to stand up for everything you do in music and to be yourself, and this is actually what I try to do.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to Fireworks readers?

I really hope that you all enjoy listening to our debut album! Hopefully we see each other live at the first opportunity. Keep on rocking and have a nice day!