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Jens Berglid (Fate)

posted 10 Mar 2014, 16:21 by Paul Woodward
Danish melodic rockers Fate are currently riding high on the comeback trail and have a new album out now, the rather awesome ‘If Not For The Devil’. Woody catches up with drummer Jens Berglid and vocalist Dagfinn Joensen to discuss the bands comeback and latest album.

Did Fate’s comeback with the 2011 album ‘Ghosts From The Past’ turn out as you had hoped for?

Yes I think that the last album did all it could do for the band in the situation Fate was at the time. It reopened many doors for us that have been more or less closed due to the bands ups and downs since Scratch ´N Sniff.

What is the song writing process like in Fate? Is their one person who has the final say in the songs selected for the album?

We all contribute to the song writing and the songs are chosen in a very democratic way by the whole band.

The last Fate album ‘Ghosts From The Past’ was quite dark both lyrically and in atmosphere. ‘If Not For The Devil’ feels a lot brighter in tone and whilst still been quite heavy seems a happier record. Was this intended when you were writing and recording this album?

Yes you are right, but no when we started writing songs for this album it just came out that way and we all felt happy with the songs. The mood in the band is much better this time around. On the last album we had to get a new guitarist in two weeks before we hit the studio and that put some pressure on the whole studio situation. Now we are back and we are all just one happy bunch.

Can you talk to us about a few of the songs on the new album; are there any cool stories or meanings behind the songs?

Dagfinn Joensen - The funniest story is probably the story behind ‘Man Against The Wall’: Its inspired by an incident that happened on one of my many drunken nights in The Faroe Islands. I was on my way home from a party and I walked past a police car. For some reason I decided to give them the "Fuck You" sign, and suddenly I was surrounded by a "wall" of police officers, asking all kinds of questions. And I was thinking, what the hell are they serious? It wasn’t like I killed anyone or stole anything? But the title itself actually came from some fan that had posted a video on you tube with Fate playing a song called ‘Gotta Have It All’ and he had posted it as ‘Man Against The Wall’ and we thought that was very funny .


Another song on the album is called ‘Gambler’ and it’s a story about a "player" but if you read the lyrics you will probably recognize many of the lines, and I actually "borrowed" them on purpose, to sort of, pay homage to some of my own heroes.


‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ was inspired by an article i read in a newspaper about a Danish musician that travelled to Los Angeles in the early eighties to try and make it, and actually ended up playing in a band that was to become Guns n' Roses. He left the band just before they made it big time, and he ended up a drug addict and alcoholic with no money and had to go back to Denmark. He died a few years later when he tried to swim across the Sct. Jørgens lake in Copenhagen to win a bet he made with someone. It’s a real tragic story.


The song ‘My World’ is about being an artist or a creative person and having a "B personality" as many artists have. Having a B personality usually means that it’s hard to get up early in the morning and the creativity doesn't start flowing until darkness falls, at least that’s what it’s like for me.


Does Fate have any live shows coming up? And are there any plans for Fate to perform in the UK?

Yes we are planning an EU tour for next year and are of course hoping to do the UK as well. Fate will tour as much as possible with this album and hopefully do lots of summer festivals. Can’t give any more info right now because of legal stuff but Fate is coming to a venue/club near you be sure of that.

Are there any bands who you would realistically like to tour with or support right now?

Yes I think there are always bands that we would like to tour with and bands that we would like to have as support for us. I mean Journey, Boston, Europe and TNT are bands that Fate have toured or played gigs with in the past so that would be cool to do again.

Fate have been around a long time, do you have any pressure from fans or the industry to write and sound like it’s still 1985?

No not really, we write the music that we like and enjoy playing but it’s no secret that the most fans like the earlier stuff a lot better but that’s fine as we really like playing the old stuff and we like the melodic hard rock style.

Denmark is known for quite a few well respected and loved bands like Pretty Maids and Mike Tramp. Is there a healthy rock scene in Denmark?

Yes I would say that the music scene here in Denmark is very good but most of the bands are bigger outside Denmark. Denmark is very mainstream music wise but that’s pretty much the scene all over I think.

Is there anything else you would like to add or say?

It was nice to talk to you Woody and thanks for the support. We of course hope to come over to the UK and tour soon. Firefest would be fun!