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David Reece (Bangalore Choir)

posted 25 Jul 2011, 12:07 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 12:11 ]

90's Melodic Hard Rock outfit, Bangalore Choir, have reformed following the re-issue of their album "On Target" on the AOR Heaven label. Woody caught up with front man David Reece to see if the world is ready for them this time round.

Hi David, this is Woody from Midlands Rocks, hope you are well!!

You’re probably most well known as the front man of cult Melodic Hard Rock band Bangalore Choir. The band only released one album back in ‘92, the genre cult classic “On Target”, which has recently been re-issued on the AOR Heaven label. Are you glad to see the album being re-issued? It’s been long out of print and really hard to get hold of in recent years?

“First of all, thanks Woody. Thanks for the chance to speak with you and share my thoughts with you and your readers! I'm really pleased to be able to re-release "On Target" actually, especially now where it seems it will get it's chance to be listened to. When it was originally released, it was dropped a few weeks after it came out because of the movement and changes coming in the industry, so yeah, it deserves it’s time again! I'm stoked actually!”

Is the re-issue re-mastered or is it taken from the original masters?

 “It has been remastered by Martin Kronlund at JM studios in Sweden.”

 Is there any bonus stuff on the re-issue?

 Well, I actually tried to get some tracks we had written shortly after "On Target"was released, from our old sound man who's now residing in Australia actually, but he kept flaking out on me, so I decided to have the video of the song "Loaded Gun" re-done. Meaning digitally enhancing, and it's our bonus track.”

What are your favourite songs from that album and any reason’s why?

“Hmmm? I really loved "Angel In Black" and still do. It's got a great story line and great guitar work. Also "Just One Night". It really rocks and has a great hooky pre-chorus and chorus! And, of course, there’s "Freight Train Rollin". That was something Curt Mitchell just dropped on us at rehearsal one day and it just fell into place so well!”

I personally think “On Target” is a fantastic album but it came at the wrong time, with the onset of grunge’s popularity and the melodic rock scene imploding on itself, it was a victim of its own success in some ways. Had the album came out a couple of years earlier I think the band would have been far bigger as the album does stand out amongst many sub standard releases of the time from the genre. Is the change in musical climate the reason Bangalore Choir never continued or is there more to it than that?

“Well, the industry killing itself certainly didn't help matters at all, that’s for sure but with labels signing every band with a blonde lead singer and gang vocal chorus' we were, for lack of a better word, shocked when we got dropped man! I mean, we came out as the most added band to American radio at the time and were doing decent opening slots as well as filling venues on our own, so we really didn’t know what the executives meant, but internally there were problems with members and stress too which, when your young, you tend to exaggerate and make worse than they are, so it all kinda worked together to bring down the band! What we should have done, was jump on a plane to Europe and Asia and continued. The climate change was not as immediate there!”

The great news now is that Bangalore Choir are finally back! Who’s in the band nowadays or is it all original members?

“Well, a bit of both. I knew, that to have a legitimate reunion, I would need as many original members as possible. So I rang up Curt Mitchell and we chatted for a long while. He was very clear he wouldn't do it without Danny Greenberg, so that was my next call. Both of those saved the idea, realistically. The rest are Andy Susemihl on guitar - Andy co-wrote and produced my solo record "Universal Language" and he and I click right away on the song writing and the production, and on drums is Hans In't Zandt. Andy will also produce the new B.C. record as well.”

 So what should we expect of the second album, which comes 18 years after its predecessor! Will it be a more modern style? Personally I’m hoping it’s still in the melodic hard rock vein!

 “Again, to do it right, there obviously had to be a formula and we set out with all that in mind, but I think we nailed it! Songs like "Martyr" are classic Bangalore Choir and there’s a pile of tunes like it on the record. Also there are some very nice ballads and some heavy tunes, all with big melodic harmonies etc. There will be 14 tracks on the European release, so it's loaded up nicely and doesn't drag on.”

When can we expect the new album? Is it to be released on the AOR Heaven label?

 Yes, it will be released on AOR HEAVEN in Europe. I've built up a good relationship over the last few years with Georg Siegl and he believes in my work, so it’s the perfect place. With the tour for Bangalore Choir starting in October, we’re planning on a September release.”

Are there any details you can give us about the album, its title? Any of the song names?

 “Well, you got one right there, “Martyr”? The title is "Cadence" and some of the song titles are "Livin Your Dreams (Everyday)", Still Have A Song To Sing", "Heart Attack And Vine"and "Tomorrows". Tommy Denander sent me two tracks of music which I wrote the lyrics to and Andy Susemihl and I wrote a large amount again! A friend, Christian Tolle from the group Cooper Inc., supplied some music and Martin Kronlund who’s re-done “On Target” also helped.”

“I'm also working with a few lyricists on this, their names are Kyle Roberts and Dee Jukes. The artwork was done by Chris Voysey from England - he and I played in a club band together in the States a while back and for old times sake, he plays a solo on the record, so there you have it!”

Over the years you’ve worked on other projects, I’m particularly fond of the Gypsy Rose “Another World” album that you sang on. What albums have you been part of or bands have you been really proud of and enjoyed been involved in?

 Thanks!! Yeah, I’m really proud of the Gypsy Rose record, it has some great music on it! Of course, singing with Accept was a major break for me and helped to give me worldwide exposure and the opportunity to really learn the craft of singing. I thought I knew everything but I was absolutely wrong!!! They taught me the importance of discipline i.e. rehearsal etc. and, the chance to work with Dieter Dierks of course, was incredible as well. What we accomplished with Bangalore Choir makes me proud too.”

Are there any musicians you would love to work with in the future? Do you have anything in the pipeline?

 “Some, yes! Right now, I'm writing a new record with the group Tango Down in the States, we will record the album during my time there in the summer, and do live dates. We will play the Dakota Rock Fest on July 24th and then some East Coast dates with Y&T, so I'm stoked about this.”

“I'm also writing new songs for either a new solo record or a power rock style thing like I did with Accept? I'm very comfortable with the guitarists I work with today, Susemihl and Mitchell . We seem to get it right a lot of the time, but hey, I'm always interested in new adventures too, so let’s see! As a matter of fact, I always wanted to do a record with Uli Roth and Michael Schenker!!! If you guys are reading this, call me up! LOL!!”

I know Bangalore Choir have an exclusive performance coming up at this years Firefest, but is there much chance of seeing David Reece on British soil in one guise or another live? I really hope the band explode at this years Firefest and hopefully increase the bands chances of a few more gigs here in the future!


“Well, it would be nice! The show with Bangalore Choir will be my first ever show in England and we’ve agreed to do nothing before that, but I know we'll have a great time and hopefully someone might ask us to return shortly afterwards?”

How do you see the state of the melodic rock scene in 2010? Especially in comparison to when you first started in the biz and experience with the downfall of the genre in the early 90’s?

 “It's definitely smaller in size with regard to the masses that participated in it back then, but I think it still has legs and if say, a lot of the downloading was controlled, it would be easier to keep things afloat!! I mean, nowadays, a guy can drink a six pack in front of You Tube and see a live stream of the show the day before – there’s no need to go and support the live scene, and I think that totally sucks!!! Who wants our industry to go out like that?”

 As a musician do you think it would be far easier just to go with the trends and change your style to get more exposure and success?

 “I tried that once after Bangalore Choir with the Sircle of Silence records. My fans could sense I was following the trend and rejected it! Which I understand completely, by the way! I was just trying to keep rockin like a lot of us did back then, but the fans know, you know!”

What bands/ artists are you currently listening too?

 “Believe it or not Steve Earle, Steely Dan (great band), some old style traditional country and blue grass music?”

What does the future hold for David Reece?

 Let’s see! I ducked out of music for a few years to search myself out, reload, rethink, re-prioritise and I’ve promised myself that after five years of complete conviction, if nothing works, I’ll bow out gracefully!! That said, I'll sure give it hell for that time though!!!!!”

Anything you would like to add or say to Midlands Rocks readers?.

 “Only, that I thank you people for your passion! You are the other musicians, the listeners! Without you, we die! We need to keep rock and roll fresh and exciting and do all we can for this thing we love. I thank you for that passion. Yours in voice , David!”