The Disaster Artist

posted 30 May 2018, 09:56 by Paul Woodward

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Biography

Stars: James Franco / Dave Franco / Alison Brie / Seth Rogen / Ari Graynor / Paul Scheer

Director: James Franco

Certificate: 15

Run Time: 1hr 44mins

Year: 2017

The Room which was released in 2003 and is widely regarded as one of the worst films of all time and unbelievably has gathered a cult following and notoriety in the film industry. This film is based on the book actor Greg Sestero wrote about the film and his experiences and friendship with the eccentric Tommy Wiseau, who wrote, directed, acted and financed the infamous film.

Although the film has been pushed as a comedy it’s more of a drama with humorous moments. A lot of the humour comes from Tommy’s eccentricities and odd behaviour as opposed to ‘jokes’ or comedic situations. It is a great film with a big heart and the filmmakers seem to have a real sense of endearment to Tommy and Greg whilst never pulling any punches on the reality they always paint the pair in a favourable light.

While the film is about the making of the infamous film at its heart it’s a film about friendship. The Franco brothers both put in excellent performances which is needed as they are the main focus of the film, while the film boasts cameo’s galore they have very little screen time. Alison Brie plays Greg’s girlfriend and has very little to do, although Brie onscreen is always pleasurable, Brie is Dave Franco’s wife in real life, the lucky son of a bitch, so her popping up in this role is unsurprising as it is a bit of a family affair with many friends of the Franco’s making appearances most notably Seth Rogen.

It’s the friendship between Tommy and Greg that makes the film enjoyable, obviously the behind the scenes tales brought to life are what most people want to see, but it’s that friendship that make this a good film and not just a curiosity piece. Tommy Wiseau is without doubt a bizarre and unusual character, who is extremely secretive about his origins. His friendship with Greg is intense – with him been jealous when Greg gets a girlfriend and near has a meltdown when he moves out of the apartment they share. It does make you wonder if Wiseau is gay but given the unusualness of his persona, it is more probable that his jealousy is purely down to having to share Greg’s friendship – in an almost childlike way.

For all his quirks, he is a tragic person who gets very upset when he is the butt of other jokes because of his eccentricities and unusual behaviour. Society can be cruel to those who don’t act and think in the mainstream and there are a few scenes where you feel really sorry for him as how others view him is not how he views himself.

It also looks a little bit at how hard the film industry can be to break into which is obviously what leads Wiseau to make and finance his own film.

It’s very entertaining and extremely heart-warming, a must-see film!


Review By Woody