posted 28 May 2018, 09:36 by Paul Woodward

Genre: Action / Sci-Fi

Stars: Lee Pace / Berenice Marlohe / Jason Flemying

Director: Joe Miale

Certificate: 15

Run Time: 1hr 27mins

Year: 2017

Revolt is on the surface a film about an Alien Invasion – set in Kenya it follows Bo (Lee Pace) an American soldier who awakes in a rural police station with amnesia. Imprisoned there also is an aid worker Nadia, they both escape and journey to where Bo believes his army base is located whilst the world goes to shit around them. It’s sort of a movie of two halves, the first dealing with Bo journeying to his base while trying to figure what’s going on and recover his memories. The second is about fighting back against the alien invasion once Bo arrives back at the City near his base.

For a film with a limited budget, the film makers do well as all the CGI looks pretty impressive. Poor CGI has ruined many a film, but obviously given the plot of this film quality CGI is paramount and I would say a healthy budget was given to the special effects department to make sure they achieve this as best as possible. Although technically a B movie, it doesn’t feel cheap.

I was very impressed and really enjoyed the film, sci-fi and action fans should enjoy it just as much. I was a little concerned by the opening of the film revealing our main protagonist was suffering with amnesia – a well-used plot device that doesn’t always work. I thought this is one of those films that’s going to try and be clever and just come across as overly convoluted. Thankfully that’s not the case here – the amnesia is genuinely needed otherwise if the viewer or indeed Bo knew everything from the get go, it would be a totally different film. So, the amnesia plot didn’t spoil anything.

There are some great action sequences, the final part of the film is fast paced, tense and exciting. There’s a lot of subtle thing’s done in the filming of actions sequences which enhance the impact and enjoyment of them. It may sound a very minor thing but during an early action sequence where someone is ‘vaporised’ by the alien robots Bo grabs the poor bugger’s machine gun out of the air in a quick dynamic scene. Now it may not sound a lot but it was a cool addition to the sequence, a lot of films wouldn’t bother but Revolt maximises impact within what is relatively a small-scale film.

There are lots of mystery’s surrounding what’s going on – even at the end you don’t know much about the Aliens or what they are up to. There is a sense of isolation as you don’t know what is going on elsewhere in the world and it is as if this pocket of resistance is the last on earth. The Kenyan setting also adds a sense of remoteness to the proceedings of the film as it’s certainly not what were used to with films with this sort of plot. You do get some answers as the plot progresses, mainly to do with Bo as opposed to answers to things to do with the grand scheme of things, but it doesn’t feel dissatisfying that all is not revealed. If anything, I think the unknown makes the conclusion of the film that bit more dramatic.

It was filmed in South Africa in mainly rural areas and has some beautiful cinematography which enhances the look of the film. Lee Pace may not be a Hollywood A-Lister but his acting adds a little gravitas to the film – a style of film I wouldn’t have associated with him either, although he’s no stranger to Indie films.

It’s well paced so stays entertaining and even if you’ve seen plenty of similar themed films this is still well worth a look!


Review By Woody