Lost In Space – Season 1

posted 30 Apr 2018, 13:50 by Paul Woodward

Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure

Stars: Molly Parker / Toby Stephens / Parker Posey / Maxwell Jenkins / Mina Sundwall / Taylor Russell / Ignacio Serricchio

Creators: Irwin Allen / Matt Sazama / Burk Sharpless

Certificate: 12

Year: 2018

I’ve been really looking forward to this revival of the classic sixties sci-fi show and I wasn’t disappointed, the ten-episode season one flew by and was highly entertaining right from the start to its dramatic conclusion. It also features a cameo by original Will Robinson, Bill Mumy, in a blink and you’ll miss moment – BUT what a very important moment it is! It is aimed at a ‘family’ audience, but it’s not for young kids and it’s not diluted to the point where adults will not enjoy it. Like a lot of modern TV shows it’s got high production values, stellar special effects and suitable location shoots, much unlike it’s predecessor which was filmed entirely on a sound stage / studio environment. So, what we get is a cinematic and lush piece of exciting and intriguing television, which could put some films to shame!

The basic premise is that the Robinson Family aboard their Jupiter 2 spacecraft are stranded on a remote planet following an unexplained explosion. The series follows them trying to escape the planet, with lots of obstacles and adventures to tackle along the way on the surface of the planet.

It doesn’t take long to get into, with mysteries presented from the get go and established inter personal conflicts to give the show immediate impact. Certain things are explained in flashback’s or in conversations over time, but other things, thankfully not too many, are left up in the air – with one thing obviously been dangled to be answered in the potential second season.

The principal cast are all great in their roles! Toby Stephens plays the alpha male action man a role which anyone who has seen his previous show ‘Black Sails’ will know he can do with ease – although John Robinson is a far different persona. Molly Parker is great as the true leader of the Robinson’s, Maureen, the science genius who is a devoted mother – I may have developed a crush on her over the course of the season.

Parker Posey will be the one who gets all the plaudits though and rightly so as her chilling turn as Dr Smith. Posey’s Smith is unsettling, whilst not a scary villain in the traditional sense – her manipulative, compassionless, compulsive lying nature make her truly scary as she will literally throw anyone under the bus to serve her own needs or ensure her survival. Utterly dislikeable and performed by Posey in such an unsettling manner she is scarier than many horror movie monsters!

The family dynamic is a principal drive of the shows drama and the pre-existing conflicts they have prior to the show start enable for an intriguing show which can be very emotive and when you feel emotionally invested in characters it makes it so much more enjoyable. Both Judy and Penny are given lots of airtime and personal quests and are presented as very capable people whilst also been presented as very human.

Will the youngest obviously has a few issues and also suffers from a lack of self-belief and constantly feels the need to prove himself. His connection to the mysterious ‘Robot’ is at times heart-breaking, the unwavering loyalty he shows Will fills a void in Will’s life even though communication is limited. What happens with the Robot at the end of the season, was inevitable and the storylines had been building up to it, but how the final episode goes wasn’t how I’d hoped for, it was emotive but not quite what I’d envisioned and a little disappointed by as I saw a lot of potential for the ‘Robot’ as a character going forward.

Science geeks will love ‘Lost In Space’ as there is plenty of science, and obviously some fictitious science too to keep all people that way inclined intrigued and invested in that aspect of the show. It also has a nice balance of humour amongst the peril and drama! There’s a great laugh out loud moment after one specific ‘adventure’ which was quite tense in more ways than one, so the humour was totally unexpected and I think that made it even more funny!

Lots of action, adventure, intrigue and mysteries make ‘Lost in Space’ an enthralling show with characters you root for and ones who chill you to the bone. Well worth anyone’s time watching and you’ll probably feel compelled to slip ‘Danger! Will Robinson’ into your daily life afterwards,


Review by Woody