Hawaii Five-O – Season 6

posted 30 May 2018, 09:50 by Paul Woodward

Genre: Action / Crime / Drama

Stars: Alex O’Loughlin / Scott Caan / Daniel Dae Kim / Grace Park / Masi Oka / Chi McBride / Jorge Garcia / Julie Benz

Creator: Leonard Freeman / Peter M. Lenkov / Alex Kurtzman / Robert Orci

Certificate: 15

Year: 2015/16

If you haven’t seen this show yet, it’s basically a police procedural set in Hawaii centred around the ‘Five-O’ police special unit. A show that blends action, drama and comedy, which tends to focus on ‘crime’ of the week episodes with personal character development and certain story arc’s that span the entire season popping up occasionally. This season the main season long arcs involve Kelly’s brother in law – Gabriel Wainwright and Kono’s husband Adam.

I think this season may have the weakest or should that be the least intriguing season long story arc’s, but the show stays entertaining via it’s individual episode stories and the interactions between the principal cast members. Although it’s still highly watchable it lacks those episodes or emotive season long storyline’s that has made the show impressive in the past. If you’re an established fan you’ll enjoy this season as it continues to keep you entertained with it’s intriguing cast of characters.

As we are used to there are plenty of recurring characters who pop up, some more entertaining or enjoyable than others, it’s always great to see Sang Min (Will Yun Lee) who never fails to make me laugh! After the first few episodes we say goodbye to McGarrett’s on/off girlfriend Catherine, who mysteriously leaves – you do find out why, but we don’t see her again this season. So that makes McGarret a free man this leads to a great episode featuring Sarah Carter,  who I really like anyway but she shows off her body a lot in this episode – she’s definitely bikini body ready! The episode in question sees them on a date gone awry and leads to an action-packed cat and mouse episode on a remote island. She pops up in a few latter episodes to a lesser degree as McGarret’s love interest.

Randy Couture pops up again in a couple of episodes as a former firefighter pyromaniac who they banged up last season. Both Episodes are quite entertaining especially the second ‘Ka Pono Ku’oko’a’ which sees him part of an escaped group of prisoners on the run. Willie Garson also pops up a few times too as forger Hirsch, moving away from criminality into ‘good guy’ territory with this season’s antics. A quirky character who adds a different take on the more robust, action fuelled, bad guys in most episodes.

Conspiracy theorist and Techie Jerry (Jorge Garcia) is now part of Five-O, albeit in the basement and his previously occasional character is now one of the main cast. My favourite addition of the season is Julie Benz as Abby, who joins the team after initially being undercover to find some dirt on certain members of Five-O she also has a great gung ho scene in one of the later episodes where she rides in a motorbike guns blazing to save the day – well sort of!

The principal cast all have lots to deal with Kono’s husband Adam gets banged up and she has to deal with the fallout of that. Kelly is being hunted left right and centre, develops a relationship with Abby and discovers he has a niece. McGarret and Williams have less dramatic stuff going on although the season finale sees the constantly squabbling partners show their true colours.

Lots of action, comedy and whilst not as emotive as previously still some drama to keep you invested in the principal characters. I don’t think it’s the shows greatest season, but it’s still entertaining and intriguing to catch up with McGarret, Kelly, Kono and Dano!


Review By Woody