Game Over, Man!

posted 27 Mar 2018, 09:11 by Paul Woodward

Genre: Comedy

Stars: Adam Devine / Anders Holm / Blake Anderson / Aya Cash / Daniel Stern / Neal McDonough / Rhona Mitra / Jamie Demetriou

Director: Kyle Newacheck

Certificate: 15

Run Time: 1hr 41mins

Year: 2018

Game Over, Man! Is a low brow comedy from the team behind TV Show ‘Workaholics’. I don’t know that show so I can’t compare or confirm any similarities in comedy style, but it is written by and stars the three principal actors from that show, Devine, Holm and Anderson. This is a comedy film which is full on lowest common dominator humour, drugs, toilet humour and very wacky.

The film’s plot is basically ‘Die Hard’ played for laughs, something that script acknowledges very early on by a villainous character stating he wasn’t just on the team because he looked like “the black nerd guy from Die Hard” – he is indeed the tech nerd too. The Die Hard style plot – Bad Guys take over a skyscraper and try to steal money – is something the script writers tip their hat to frequently and never try to hide.

It is quite funny and I did really enjoy it, It’s a nice little throw away chuckler! I was a little shocked with some scenes of nudity and blood as I’ve noticed a trend in films over the past 15 years or so trying desperately to hit that magical 12A marker to garner maximum box office returns. With Game Over, Man! going directly to Netflix, I did wonder if toning certain things down to achieve a lower age restriction at the Cinema weren’t a factor for the film makers. If this was always the intention for it to premier on Netflix I don’t know. There are definitely a few scenes which would have been altered/chopped or re-shot before a major distributor would have picked this up for a cinema release.

The three leads work well together and banter continually with each other which will definitely appeal to fans of comedy based around quirky interactions between sets of friends. They are likeable losers who’ll have you face palming and chuckling in equal measure, don’t let the fact none of these guys are big names put you of seeing the film, they have all popped up in other films and TV shows, Adam Devine has been a regular on ‘Modern Family’ for example.

Daniel Stern pops up in a larger than life role as the hotel manager (where has he been???) and appears to have massive fun in his very non-PC spouting role. Lots of Celeb’s pop up amongst the hostages, but don’t worry if you have no idea who they are they are low tier celeb’s whom if you don’t know their work you aren’t going to have a scooby like Joel McHale and Donald Faison of Scrubs. Although Shaggy does make an appearance but unless you’re over 30 I doubt you’ll know who is either!

British backing comedian Jamie Demetriou has a big role and hams it up nicely, although he is way subtler than Alan Rickman in the deadly serious ‘Die Hard’. I really like Aya Cash from her role in ‘You’re The Worst’ but her she doesn’t have a lot do and basically has one joke which is built up over the course of the film – wish she had more to do but the film is really about the trio of hapless heroes so sadly Cash’s character is only a bit part. Rhona Mitra pops up in her usual scary bad ass woman guise and does what she does best looking super-hot whilst strutting round beating people up. Mitra is actually a better actress than many of her film roles would dictate, mainly I feel because she gets typecast a shit load – Watch the first two seasons of TV show ‘The Last Ship’ to see a very different Mitra who has a role that allows her to really flex her acting chops.

If fart and knob gags, drug and base humour tickle your funny bone ‘Game Over, Man!’ is definitely worth checking out with a big bowl of popcorn on a Saturday evening!